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Added reply in a thread Why No Japanese “Factory Edition” Bikes? 10/18/2017 10:12 AM

They do come from a factory..

Added reply in a thread Completely new joker lane idea 10/18/2017 9:22 AM

Make the jokerlane a mud pit. Everyone will have the fear of getting stuck

Added reply in a thread Why No Japanese “Factory Edition” Bikes? 10/18/2017 9:14 AM

Quality over quantity

Added reply in a thread Shifter won't shift 10/18/2017 6:13 AM

Splitting cases is pretty cheap. Youll need some gaskets and silicone sealant(yamabond). Might as well replace all the bearings since youre in there. Id say under $100 if you do it all yourself. Might get the crank rebuilt too if its seen a ton of hours. ... more »

Added reply in a thread Does Heavier Oil Mean Hotter Temps? 10/18/2017 6:08 AM

I tried rotella this last oil change. I noticed my bike does not like it. Clutch feels different and it runs a touch hotter. Seems to take an extra kick to start too since its thicker. Im definitely going back to amsoil and maxima when i change it friday. ... more »

Added reply in a thread RV to.......... 10/18/2017 3:45 AM

Wonder what is happening to thor. They dropped pro circuit and rv. Apparently anderson too. I think the only notable riders left is mc and money marv

Started new thread Anyone try this track finder app? 10/18/2017 2:58 AM

MotoGuide by JH Design House, LLC Looks interesting.

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Added reply in a thread RBSR Two-Stroke Shootout Rider List and Bracket Challenge Announced 10/17/2017 11:25 AM

rv was #1 in qualifying times lol

Added reply in a thread Best way to add bottom end to 450 sxf 10/16/2017 1:11 PM

overgrip the throttle more.

Added reply in a thread 2017 KTM 250sx keeps fouling plugs 10/16/2017 1:15 AM

Youre still running rich or youre putting too much oil in your gas. Lugging the bike around can also foul plugs. 2 strokes are not running or theyre on the pipe. No in between.

Added reply in a thread What about switching the final round of AMA Supercross to the MEC? 10/16/2017 1:13 AM

Idk but you should give me credit for the idea. Been saying it for months.

Added reply in a thread Updates in Tomac,Gajser and Bogle? 10/15/2017 7:39 AM

Id assume theyre feeling a bit sore today

Added reply in a thread Dominance 10/15/2017 6:49 AM

Looking at just MEC, kawasaki won 2/3 overalls.

Added reply in a thread And some 'fans' think Monster Cup is more important then MXON 10/15/2017 6:46 AM

In what fantasy world does motocross outdo supercross? Its pretty well known sx sells way more than mx

Added reply in a thread Cough.. Cough cough 10/14/2017 7:16 PM

Im offended

Added reply in a thread Tyler Villopoto where are you? 10/14/2017 7:16 PM

Tyler might not be a good enough rider to be making it big. The last name doesnt make you fast.

Added reply in a thread Knock of keihin? 10/14/2017 6:18 PM

Sounds like more trouble than its worth. Their description gives me a feeling they put random jets in and the jets arent even genuine jets. Finding those offbrand jets and tuning the carb just gives me a headache thinking about it. My rule of thumb is ... more »

Added reply in a thread I bought a new motorcycle, but it came with a kickstand 10/14/2017 6:13 PM

Kill the kickstand before it breaks your leg!

Added reply in a thread Uncle ronnie69 10/14/2017 7:48 AM

Ron is my spirit animal

Added reply in a thread Fat man 2017 KTM 250 SX-F suspension setup?? 10/13/2017 12:34 PM

Springs are really easy to change. I wouldnt spend $300 for it. As far as the forks go, you may want to consider a revalve along with the springs. My bike is great now but i do bottom the forks every so often and i dont consider myself a winning c rider ... more »