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Reply to SoCal moto day at LACR! *BOOKED* 10/17/2017 11:50 AM

Group is full! Lets get some more days going at different tracks? Chaney, Cahuilla, Zaca?!

Reply to SoCal moto day at LACR! *BOOKED* 10/16/2017 7:44 PM

Hey guys, here's an update: If you emailed me, you are on the list. We are at 17 riders. Spots for 3 more are open. Wednesday, October 25 9-1pm Vet Track. Anyone else want to join?

Reply to Best way to add bottom end to 450 sxf 10/16/2017 3:47 PM

Did you try the different maps, Maybe add a tooth in the rear? Try the Yosh full system.

Reply to Barcia possibly switching rides? 10/16/2017 12:08 PM

Will Barcia just be unhappy on the blue bike again? Or maybe new team with different workflow will be better?

Reply to SoCal moto day at LACR! *BOOKED* 10/16/2017 11:11 AM

I talked to LACR and we are penciled in for 9am-1pm on the 25th riding the Vet track. Once we get more riders locked in this week I will confirm with them.

Reply to SoCal moto day at LACR! *BOOKED* 10/16/2017 10:36 AM

Hey guys, I'm testing the PayPal with Joseph(SnackFed). ****If you want to ride on the 25th at LACR please email me. Let me know if it's you + however many. I will make a list and do a group email which can also help us in the future for local rentals. ... more »

Reply to 2017/2018 KTM 250sx FMF Factory Fatty header Power Core 2 silencer and carbon pipe guard 10/16/2017 7:35 AM

What's the bottom line on this stuff?

Reply to 2017 KTM 250sx keeps fouling plugs 10/16/2017 7:34 AM

Don't the new bikes call for a fuel ratio more like 1:60? My 125 is 1:60 on pump I believe.

Reply to KTM sx 125 smoke from PV breather tube 10/15/2017 10:11 PM

Mine doesn't do that. Check the seal around the power valve linkage. Must be coming through there?

Reply to 2017 KTM 150 info needed 10/15/2017 12:35 PM

Like this ^^ Just by tuning the power valve spring it dramatically changes the power delivery, where it hits and how hard on the 125.

Reply to Poll: Frame blasting & Powder coating cost 10/14/2017 5:18 PM

$180-$200 to blast and new powder. This is near LA.

Reply to 2017 KTM 150 info needed 10/14/2017 6:45 AM

I can't speak to the 150 engine. I have a 16 125 and it's got plenty of power. I've heard people say the 125 revs out fast than the 150. The 17 chassis is amazing, turns much better than the 15. If you can get a good deal, might be worth the upgrade. ... more »

Reply to 2016-2018 ktm plastics and seat cover 10/13/2017 9:16 PM

Dang, was just out there today...

Reply to SoCal moto day at LACR! *BOOKED* 10/13/2017 9:09 PM

Hit me up on email. I can help you figure it out.

Reply to Beaumont mxtrack? 10/13/2017 8:24 PM

I got a $500 parking ticket while riding Beamont. Ugh

Reply to WP Cone Valve forks 48mm big axle 10/13/2017 4:07 PM

Look like big axel to me as well. If they were made in 2014 that would be correct.

Reply to Barcia Down (is fine) 10/13/2017 4:03 PM

There's a video clip on Race X story on instagram.

Reply to 2016-2018 KTM 350 TPS setting 10/12/2017 10:45 PM

If it stalls easy why not just raise your idle?

Reply to SoCal moto day at LACR! *BOOKED* 10/12/2017 9:33 PM

If we have 15 guys at $50 it would be $750.

Reply to WP Cone Valve oil change 10/12/2017 5:12 PM

-I remove the top cap and let them sit upside down for a while to drain. This should get about 90-95% of the oil out. -Fill it up and tighten the cap. Super easy, no bleeding. When I change my springs I can pull the whole cartridge out and a i'll find ... more »