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Liked a comment about video First Impressions: 2018 Suzuki RM-Z450 8/4/2017 11:19 AM

Great review Michael,

I appreciate your candor about the RMZ in pointing out the areas that will require setting changes and so forth. I anticipate that a lighter engine with electric start would bring the bike to a more competitive weight and features with Husqvarna and KTM, but it was not in the budget for 2018.

As one of the honest members of the media, you have one of the most difficult jobs in MX journalism and testing. A manufacturer or company invites you test their new machine, and then you ride it and give them the honest answer. The honest answer actually serves the manufacture better than pandering, but it does have to be a bit difficult. Ex. Thanks for in the invite, but your bike needs work.

The stakes being that readers can sense when a tester is hyping a product to draw in an advertiser and you loose credibility, therefore they no longer read your report. On the other hand, you provide an honest review with negative aspects and the manufacturer or advertisers no longer invite you back.

It's all about the delivery of the message and your craft at doing so is exceptional.

I enjoyed the review.

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Liked a comment about product review First Look: 2018 Honda CRF250R 7/31/2017 11:55 AM

As a dealer sales rep, this video is extremely educational and allows me to use this material to better inform my customer. Thanks ML for this! Look forward to seeing the crates roll in soon.

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