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Added reply in a thread Reeds boost husky 12/13/2017 9:18 PM

Jason Anderson says they will be on the new factory edition at A1. I thought people said the bike is too new and that would be against the rules?

Added reply in a thread Malcolm Stewart 12/13/2017 5:00 PM

I forgot. The Bill Dance Classic tournaments were on the same day as A1.

Added reply in a thread Malcolm Stewart 12/13/2017 11:54 AM

I want to see Mookie put in an honest effort for once. I want to see him show up at A1 looking like he's hungry. Last year he showed up at A1 looking like John Belushi and then faded after 10 laps. I think he has the talent. I don't think he has the ... more »

Added reply in a thread Please help me with a contact number! 12/12/2017 9:59 PM

On a similar note, I bought a CR250 shock off Ebay last week. The box arrived today, but the box was empty. Not even bricks, rocks or bags of sand in it. I guess that would be too much trouble. Just an empty box.

Added reply in a thread Camel Smokercross 12/11/2017 11:49 AM

Energy drinks taste like ass. I'd rather smoke cigarettes.

Added reply in a thread Wharton back racing? 12/11/2017 11:46 AM

I'm sure he rides for fun. Last I saw he was trying to be a musician or something..

Added reply in a thread Let the hazing begin 12/10/2017 6:45 PM

You forgot to say "Need help NOW!!"

Added reply in a thread Camel Smokercross 12/10/2017 4:13 PM

Camel was the title sponsor of Supercross in the late 80's. So it was called Camel Supercross as opposed to todays Monster Energy Supercross. The "smokercross" is a play on words.

Added reply in a thread Where's Big Bird? 12/9/2017 3:22 PM

He liked the ladies and always had hot chicks with him. He's probably manager of a strip club.

Added reply in a thread 1996 Emig SR250 for sale. 12/9/2017 2:49 PM

....because the post is 3 years old.

Added reply in a thread 12/8/2017 11:57 PM

Their shipping is expensive and their website could be more clear about if the parts you're buying fit your bike.

Added reply in a thread 2018 150sx or 125sx? 12/8/2017 3:49 PM

The test riders on the YouTube videos said they liked the 125 better and it was a better race bike power curve wise

Added reply in a thread Afraid of getting hurt... #vertriderproblems 12/8/2017 3:41 PM

Race enduros or scrambles OR At the MX races in the beginner, 40+ and 50+ I see guys out there racing "for fun" and not trying to be a hero and know their limits. Some of them even roll all the jumps. No shame. They are supporting te sport, and having ... more »

Added reply in a thread For how long does a MX bike stay relevant?___Help! 12/8/2017 12:51 AM

Jiberish user name? CHECK First post? CHECK Needs help now? CHECK I will eat my popcorn while this troll leads you in circles.

Added reply in a thread New Yamaha 2 strokes coming when? 12/7/2017 6:48 PM

I think Yamaha 2 strokes will bite the dust. Does not seem to be much demand for them. Why buy outdated Yama when for $700 more you can get an updated Husky with better parts and more power. Seems like people who buy 2 strokes all go for Husq or KTM. ... more »

Added reply in a thread Husky and KTM FE price? 12/7/2017 6:21 PM

Anyone pay MSRP for these bikes? In my neck of the woods theres basically a wait list for some models. If you wont pay MSRP theres a list of people who will. If one shows up on a dealer floor, its gone QUICK. You have no bargaining power. Not like a ... more »

Added reply in a thread MC's 1997 Suzuki (the forks rumour) 12/7/2017 6:02 PM

That 97 Suzuki was a total POS. Not sure why he picked it. Emig said the 97 KX was the best bike he ever rode. I think if McGrath would have picked Kawi he probably would have continued to dominate.

Added reply in a thread Saving this 94 CR 500 (no titanium build) 12/6/2017 2:22 PM

"factory" parts

Started new thread 17' Husky 125 verdict? 12/5/2017 9:04 PM

Been kicking myself in the ass for selling my CR125 last year. The bike was just flat out fun, easy to work on and cheap maintenance and that sound cant be beat. Local dealer has a 17' TC125 in stock. Thinking of grabbing it to make MX fun again. Whats ... more »

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Started new thread KX250F suspension setup 12/5/2017 5:28 PM

I have a 2015 KX250F with stock suspension. I weigh 190 without gear. Suspension feels mushy and the front end wants to tuck on turns. Even when I just turn around in the pits I almost dumped it a couple times like an idiot. Am I just too fat for it ... more »

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