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Added reply in a thread How is Austin Stroupe doing? 10/19/2017 2:57 PM

Pain pills and addiction are a scary thing. I recently had kidney stones and was prescribed painkillers, in my case Vidoden (don't remember mg)I had 3 kidney stones for an entire month. One was nearly 4mm. I was prescribed Vicodin and I tried my best ... more »

Added reply in a thread Can you put your plastics in the dish washer? 10/19/2017 2:49 PM

My mom used to strip all the fabric out of my brother and I helmets and wash them in the dishwasher. Always came out fresh!

Added reply in a thread do pro riders matter anymore? 10/19/2017 2:48 PM

Well after reading thru the thread so far I would have to answer yes. Pro riders do influence both young and old alike.

Added a comment about press release Final Red Bull Straight Rhythm Rider Lists Released 10/19/2017 11:26 AM

259 where are you?

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Added reply in a thread Autotrader/Yoshimura Suzuki Signs Jimmy D! 10/17/2017 2:04 PM

The New England Rippa! Good for him, stoked to see what he can do!!

Added reply in a thread Amazon Fire TV and MEC 10/14/2017 8:25 PM

I found Sling TV is garbage, LAGGY! Youtube TV works great, no lag. Excellent quality and I can DVR and save.

Added reply in a thread Milestone - Monster Energy Supercross The Official Video Game 10/13/2017 4:09 PM

I am pumped on this. I will buy a game system just to be able to play and battle my brothers. I am impressed by the licensing and all of the brands featured.

Added reply in a thread 2006 RM250 Better than NEW 10/11/2017 6:55 PM

That's awesome dude. I love this bike!

Added reply in a thread FS Lot Of Andrew Short Jersey 10/11/2017 3:31 PM

Very tempting to make an offer. Just finished my home office and this would be the cherry on top.

Added reply in a thread Matthes “Gamechanger”?? Xbrand 10/11/2017 3:28 PM

"If you don't wear Eks brand you won't win"

Added reply in a thread 2000 rm 125 all original 10/10/2017 5:02 PM

Damn. Solid dude!

Added reply in a thread Millsaps injured 10/10/2017 3:08 PM

Super bummed for Davi. I was hoping to see him do well in SX this year.

Added reply in a thread Any spark plug geniuses here? 10/6/2017 9:41 AM

I had a few NGK jet ski plugs that were completely submerged. I cleaned em and dried. Used at a later date with no issue.

Added reply in a thread What Track do YOU Want to Ride at? 10/4/2017 5:53 PM

I remember that as well I recall he was riding with Cowboy Kenny?

Added reply in a thread What Track do YOU Want to Ride at? 10/4/2017 5:51 PM

Monster Mountain or Ironman in Crawfordsville IN.

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Started new thread ESPN 9/29/2017 5:45 PM

Never any coverage on MX/Supercross. These are world class athletes on the elite level. Why no love from ESPN on Sportscenter etc?

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Added reply in a thread Hinson vs oem vs cheap aftermarket clutch plates 9/28/2017 7:59 PM

I rode my brothers YZ 125 with Tusk plates this past weekend. While it started out pretty good it faded bad.

Added reply in a thread ALTA at A1? 9/27/2017 7:27 AM

To the best of my knowledge the Alta is not legal for AMA competition. So no ALTA at A1.