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Added reply in a thread Gravel race bike suggestions 10/19/2017 9:56 AM

Check out Canyon, theyre pretty hard to beat as far as value and what you get for components on the bike. They just became available here in the USA a month or so back.

Added reply in a thread KTM Battery Dead!!!! 10/12/2017 10:03 AM

mine crapped the bed, but I did some investigation and it wasn't charging due to a pin inside the voltage regulator breaking.

Added reply in a thread Anyone else have an Africa Twin? 10/9/2017 2:28 PM

If you want capable off road and decent comfort KTM 990, a friend owns one and we chased each other our local off-road park. We took that big thing everywhere we took my 250xc, from fast whooped out trail to handle bar tight single track. I was very ... more »

Added reply in a thread UFO Helmet 10/5/2017 10:14 AM

Did this, and what a pleasure. Very timely in his responses and full of good info. Look forward to doing business in the future.

Added reply in a thread UFO Helmet 10/4/2017 5:55 PM

was looking more for first hand information from someone whos worn or tried one

Added reply in a thread Dirt Rider 450 shootout 10/4/2017 5:55 PM

where can one find a link to this podcast?

Added reply in a thread UFO Helmet 10/4/2017 1:50 PM

I currently run a Moto-9 my biggest issue is its ridiculous hot and doesn't vent worth a damn.

Added reply in a thread UFO Helmet 10/4/2017 12:29 PM

Yea the gear looks good too, I sent them an email about a US distributor but I haven't gotten anything in return.

Started new thread UFO Helmet 10/4/2017 10:24 AM

Anyone know anything about these or have their hands on one? They look really cool, have a MIPS sort of thing and the price isn't too bad.

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Added reply in a thread What Track do YOU Want to Ride at? 10/4/2017 10:23 AM

Its really good and also for sale from what I heard....I've always wanted to ride that track that Travis Pastrana had through the woods at his house. I recall seeing video of it in the movie "Revelation 199"

Added reply in a thread Pala Raceway complete track review 10/2/2017 5:24 PM

Man Pala has changed A LOT since I moved away in 2011. Looks like fun, wish we had something like that where I live now.

Added reply in a thread Alias new gear release? 9/27/2017 4:40 AM

I've actually had bad luck with my 3 Alias kits, I seem to get about a month of riding on them before the sides and top around the knees are gone. It sucks they're prices are ridiculous and I like their color ways. I've been cycling between two sets ... more »

Added reply in a thread 2017 Ktm 250sx 13.3 hours 9/25/2017 4:42 AM

any interest in parting with that silencer?

Added reply in a thread E Start 9/21/2017 5:41 PM

The brands with "e-legs" are lighter than the ones with out it....Argument invalid. I've got 165 trouble free e-starting hours on my '17 250xc and wouldnt buy a bike without it. The electric starter is invaluable to me racing in the woods. I will say ... more »

Added reply in a thread Generation Gap....Why so much Black Plastic? 9/14/2017 6:14 PM

Really not a fan of black plastic just because how fast it starts to look like shit. Also, nothing looks worse than a well used set of black rims... I take that back new Yamaha blue wheels look horrid IMO. I wish manufactures would get back on the silver ... more »

Added reply in a thread What will be the next big bike innovation? 9/14/2017 5:28 PM

Active suspension like what you see on the high end sport bikes?

Added reply in a thread 2018.5 factory edition 9/12/2017 12:49 PM

The real money question is knowing what you know and have seen if YOU owned a '17 or '18 would you be looking to upgrade?

Added a comment about video RAW: Noah Kepple - Kepple's Kompound 9/12/2017 12:29 PM

super cool, would love more stuff like this.

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Added reply in a thread Sherco and resale 9/7/2017 4:46 AM

Interesting, theyre gaining steam around this area but nothing compared to Orange or Blue.