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C50_img_3549_1505848385 Dusin791 Quote
7/31/2017 5:34 PM

Bought this bike about a month ago and was just the saddest poor excuse for a bike. It was a complete POS! Was someones barn bike and just had no clue what he was doing or the previous owner and i honestly felt bad for the bike haha.

Here is a list of the wrong.

-Mix matched bolts (everywhere)
-Carb needed complete rebuild and cleanup
-bent radiators
-ALL front spokes were loose (also bent rim)
-rear rim had a flat spot (both exels)
-Exhaust was for a honda and was cut bent and welded to fit the bike
-sub frame had a bird shit weld holding exhaust on as well as random hardware
-front brakes were frozen
-rear breaks were a sponge
-suspension was blown out
-spray painted chain
-all bearings were rusted no grease
-all seals on motor were bad
-split the case and broken parts were jumping around (Lifter Pawl was snapped in half)
-All Trans bearings were shot
- Half of the bike was in my trash can by the time i got home basically.

The Good
-Frame is good
-brand new wiseco clutch and basket

So This is basically a full build from the hardware out!

C50_img_3549_1505848385 Dusin791 Quote
7/31/2017 5:37 PM

This is a few weeks later and starting to look fresh!

C50 zac_k3 Quote
7/31/2017 6:50 PM

dang that thing was rough! I like those radiators but haven't heard how the performance was on them. But looking good so far

C50_img_0520_1503873304 m.hardesty16 Quote
8/1/2017 7:00 AM

Had some similar problems with my recently bought RM as well. The pipe didnt fit well and burnt the bottom of the tank a bit.

C50_img_3549_1505848385 Dusin791 Quote
8/1/2017 6:40 PM

ya i don't get what people think sometimes just buy what fits! haha

C50_100_0170_1415598053 Hondas4Life3 Quote
8/1/2017 8:28 PM

I love the bird S*** welded subframe and spray painted chain. That bike was clapped out to the max. Looks good so far. The radiators will hold up for a while but a hard crash they will separate the sides from the cores. The stock radiators could be straightened and are made of far superior aluminum.

C50_img_3549_1505848385 Dusin791 Quote
8/1/2017 8:41 PM

ya i figured i probably could but i just wanted some fresh ones on the bike. I went with those just bc i could buy 3 sets before one of a high quality set

C50_img_3549_1505848385 Dusin791 Quote
8/1/2017 8:43 PM

Soda blasted and polished

C50_img_3549_1505848385 Dusin791 Quote
8/8/2017 10:19 PM

Going to be a good week!

C50_img_3549_1505848385 Dusin791 Quote
8/12/2017 8:16 PM

Had missed a part that needed to be replaced in trans but should be coming together mid next week.

C50_img_3549_1505848385 Dusin791 Quote
8/20/2017 8:05 PM


C50_kurva_01_1505896265 Mike_Frisk Quote
8/28/2017 1:55 PM

Looking super good. What radiators is that?

C50_img_3549_1505848385 Dusin791 Quote
8/28/2017 9:41 PM
Mike_Frisk wrote:

Looking super good. What ...more

They are the gpi ones on eBay

C50_img_3549_1505848385 Dusin791 Quote
10/17/2017 10:00 PM

Slowly but surely this 125 is still being built.
Lots to go still need wheels and tires plastics controls pegs new seat and miscellaneous little stuff. Hopefully Incan get it done before winter hits

C50_img_20170822_161130_055_1508287791 Rohr144 Quote
10/19/2017 8:57 PM

Awesome build! I've got an 04. Know anyone selling a carb slide from an rm? Mine is chipping and the part is hard to find new.

C50 zac_k3 Quote
10/20/2017 6:41 AM
Rohr144 wrote:

Awesome build! I've got an ...more

send me an email

C50_img_0926_1503766838 Ozzyrules Quote
11/18/2017 11:54 AM

That's looking great. Can't wait to see the finished product.

C50_img_2391_1507559257 Rickyisms Quote
11/18/2017 3:24 PM

Looks sweet, I have a soft spot for Suzukis

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