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Cant Wait!!! Hopefully American Pride will prevail, and more than 5000 people show up. WW is a great facility, Gainesville is a HAMMERED old War Horse, Wise Choice!!!

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Added a comment about press release Broc Tickle Sidelined for the Remainder of the 2017 Motocross Season 7/9/2017 7:47 AM

Give his ride to Henry Miller ,That guy is so deserving!!! This Sport is so Jaded anymore, All about who you know. Well, you should all get to know Henry Miller, he is an incredible talent overlooked because he isn't a Cali Clone!!!

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My name is Paul Mundt, I have been a racer since 1973, and have seen and experienced a lot of things in our great sport.
You guys are doing a great job, the best of all the internet sites by far.
I wanted to give you a heads up on an up and coming rider. His name is Henry Miller, National #81 out of Rochester Mn.

I met Henry last year at Club Mx in Chesterfield Sc , and was immediately impressed by him before I ever saw him ride.
As time has gone by, he continues to impress. He embodies what MX is about to me. Polite, Clean cut, Hardworking ,No nonsense, American boy, who also just happens to absolutely FLY on a dirt bike.

Henry also is truly a struggling privateer. He has had several engine related failures this year on his 250, so this past weekend at Muddy Creek he moved up to the BIG DOG 450 class.
His weekend started off on Friday with more surprises. His mechanic and sponsor Chaz and he were prepping his bike for tech, when they discovered the frame was cracked. This was at 4PM when tech closed at 5. Undaunted, Henry went to the AMA and explained his situation, and he and Chaz tore into swapping frames from his blown up 250, BTW, they did it in 4 hours.

On to practice Saturday, and the Demons continue for him. His stator cooked in first timed practice. Does he get all angry and upset and freak out, No Sir!!! They buckled down and fixed it just in time for the 2nd practice, where he promptly laid down the 16th fastest time. He’s in the big show!!!

Here we go!!! Henry gets a decent start, getting bumped around as the pack starts to settle in, he’s going good, around 20th, and then yellow flags and no Henry, NO WAY!!! 2 laps later Henry is on the track again keeping up with Bogle, HUH? What Happened? He never gave up, and charged back to 34th. After the moto, I go talk to him, he didn’t crash ,nope, he got a rock jammed in his rear brake, Are You Kidding me!!! Does this ever end for this guy?

One more chance to save this crazy weekend. Henry rips a great start in the 2nd moto, Rides with the Heart of a Lion, and tenacity , and scores a 13th !!!!! 16 OA on the day!!! His best finish ever!!! Incredible!!!

Henry Miller is legit, it would be awesome if you could give him some props, he deserves it.

Thank You for your time,
Paul Mundt

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