2007 Honda CR250r (Updated 3/14/17) 7

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General Info
Model Year: 2007
Graphics: Other. Misc.: 139 designs custom
Plastic: Cycra. Misc.: Cycra factory edition 2016 stadium plate, cycra 2016 front fender, cycra powerflow rear fender, cycra rad shrouds, cycra mud guard, cycra side number plates
Handlebar: Renthal. Misc.: 931 Bend Black
Grips: ODI. Misc.: TLD Limited edition white
Clutch Lever: Renthal. Misc.: 2017 KTM Renthal intellilever
Brake Lever: Renthal. Misc.: 2017 KTM Renthal intellilever
Seat: Other. Misc.: Brand new OEM seat W/ MotoSeat black/red/white cover
Footpegs: Raptor. Misc.: Ti Raptor footpegs W/ 2016 CRF foot peg mounts, Works connection peg armor
Shifter: Hammerhead. Misc.: +5mm, red tip, black arm
Exhaust: Pro Circuit. Misc.: Pro circuit works pipe w/ pro circuit carbon fiber ti2 silencer coming soon
Clutch: Hinson. Misc.: Hinson billet proof clutch W/ billet cover, 2017 brembo hydraulic clutch master cylinder w/magura slave cylinder and stainless braided line, renthal intellilever clutch lever, works connection red master cylinder cover
Piston: Wiseco
Ignition: Other
Air Filter: Twin Air
Air Intake: Other. Misc.: Keihin 38mm PWK air stryker carb
Engine Mods: RPM. Misc.: 285cc, bored and stroked, ported and polished. Lightened and balanced crank, cases matched, keihin pwk as 38mm carb
Triple Clamps: Pro Circuit. Misc.: 2016 crf450 red pro circuit Akit clamps
Fork: Showa. Misc.: 2016 crf450 works pro circuit showa sff air A-kit forks setup by Graeme brough
Rear Shock: Showa. Misc.: 2016 crf450 pro circuit works showa A-kit shock setup by graeme brough
Suspension Mods: Pro Circuit. Misc.: Revalved and setup by Graeme brough
Tires: Dunlop
Rims: Other. Misc.: TCR red hubs custom laced to a60s with black spoke and red nipples. Just waiting to build them and get them in
Hubs: TCR
Sprockets: Pro Taper. Misc.: 49T rear 13T front
Chain: Renthal. Misc.: 520 R 1 Works Chain
Brakes: Brembo. Misc.: 2017 brembo front master cylinder, Hammerhead rear brake pedal, Renthal intellilever front brake lever, HRC rear brake ckevis, Fasst brake return spring, galfer rear wave rotor, CORE stainless braided brake lines front and rear, ride engineering rear master cylinder extension 270mm galfer front solid over sized wave rotor with custom machined carrier, rear 2017 brembo caliper mounted with custom machined carrier with galfer solid wave rotor
Brake Pads: Galfer
Brake Rotors: Galfer. Misc.: Front 270mm oversized solid wave rotor, rear solid wave rotor
Oils/Lubes: Maxima. Misc.: Maxima premix, maxima motor oil, belray airfilter oil, maxima water proof grease, maxima chain lube
Additional Info: 2017 Brembo front brake master cylinder, 2017 brembo hydralic clutch master cylinder, red works connection rotator clamps, red ride engineering rear master cylinder extension, HRC axle blocks, HRC over sized bar mounts, HRC rear brake clevis, HRC rad valve cover, HRC wheel spacers, HRC front brake line clamp, HRC rear master cylinder cover, HRC oil fill plug, works connection radiation braces, white GPI silicone radiation hoses, oversized tig welded aluminum radiators, X-trig preload adjuater, 2016 red works pro circuit Akit triple clamps with mxbonz steering damper mount and 2016 showa crf steering damper, tm design works rear caliper guard, tm design works rear chain guide, Pro carbon carbon fiber frame guards, Fasst rear brake return spring, hammerhead +5mm forged rear brake pedal w/ tether cable, factory boysen ignition cover, Hinson billet proof complete clutch with Hinson clutch cover, carbon fiber pipe guard for Jdays and rocky tracks, keihin pwk a/s 38mm carbuerator, MX bonz airbox sealing ring , 2016 crf450 pro circuit works showa sff air akit forks and shock, cmt carbon fiber gas tank, red TCR hubs w/ black spokes, red nipples and a60s, powder coated black frame and swingarm, brembo front and rear calipers with custom mounts, titanium axles, titanium swing arm bolt titanium front end bolts and titanium bolts throughout, aluminum billet anodized red banjo bolts, aluminum engine bolts, aluminum red anodized bolts throughout, titanium raptor foot pegs, Pro carbon carbon fiber skid plate, Pro carbon carbon fiber rear disc guard, Pro carbon carbon fiber rear caliper guard, If anyone has any tips or suggestions the please share

Vital MX member CR250#132 CR250#132 11/7/2016 4:03 PM

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Bike looks sweet ! Your shop could you some tlc tho! !!!!!

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I love it, i run a magura slave cylinder and line with a 2017 brembo master cylinder from a ktm, it works even better than the magura and is a direct bolt on

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Ya I designed em and had 139 designs make them, who did your short body crf rear shock mods so it would fit your 07 frame? The front is easy but the shock is hard, that's my next project doing 2016 sff a-kit suspension from a 2016 crf250

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I used an A kit from Christen Craig's TLD 2012 CRF 450, the stock length and stroke is perfect, just needed to shave down a little part of the frame where the shock mounts to clear the larger body.

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