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Reply to CRF150F/230F pitbike build 3/2/2018 7:46 PM

Thank you! PT, it was $1,099.

Reply to CRF150F/230F pitbike build 3/2/2018 8:14 AM

PT, that sounds like a cool build! Post it up. Sticecube, and yak, thanks guys! I’m pretty happy with how it turned out. Hopefully spin some laps on it soon!

Reply to Tevin Tapia is an interesting character 2/23/2018 12:32 PM

I can’t believe there’s 5 pages on this guy and only 1 comment (with no picture) about his sister. Vital is slackin.

Reply to Lane Shaw.? 2/19/2018 8:01 PM

Jerry Robin took a hard hit in practice, red flagged the practice if I remember right. I imagine that took the wind out of his sails a bit. John Short was really impressive! He came from way back in that LCQ (I think they said he was 9th on lap 1). He ... more »

Reply to 17 / 18 KXF 250 Crank Issues? 2/4/2018 12:23 PM

32hrs on my 17 without a problem. I’m no fast guy though.

Reply to Phoenix Amateur SX Squid 1/29/2018 7:49 PM

I’m thinking all of this has to be from practice because he actually got 3rd in the beginner class main (4th in his heat). There was 17 racers total in the main too. So, either this was a little bit of goon riding, or there was 14 other racers getting

... more »

Reply to Now that its over what do u think 1/21/2018 6:54 AM

Not really a fan of it. Too much down time made me bored. I prefer the old format over this. Ideally I’d rather see the old format, but with a 2nd main for each class.

Reply to Have to give Nitro AX credit 1/19/2018 7:52 AM

The guys at Nitro definitely put on a good show. I’ve done their races at the Mesquite arena, it’s always been a smoothly ran professional like event. Only thing that sucks, is the arena is a little small and has shitty dirt, but I was still planning ... more »

Reply to SX throw out your 2 worst finishes? 1/15/2018 6:09 PM

I think this is where the chase format would help more. If they did 10 or 12 rounds to qualify for the chase, Tomac and Marvin could probably make up enough points while missing 3-4 rounds to make it in. At the very least, it would be exciting seeing ... more »

Reply to Live stream issues 1/13/2018 10:16 PM

Well, glad to know it wasn’t just my internet, computer, and phone! That was painful to watch. It was so laggy, and the video quality was terrible. I think the stream actually went down towards the end of the last 250 qualifying session? When I tried ... more »

Reply to This format sucks 1/13/2018 10:01 PM

Definitely need more races. The semis usually weren’t that great, but it was still racing. I’d rather see them do heats, LCQ, and 2 shortened mains for each class. Maybe 10min + 1 lap for 250s, and 15min + 1 lap for 450s. They would probably have enough ... more »

Reply to Noah McConahy 1/6/2018 5:13 AM

From the West vs East post on the homepage: “#75 Noah McConahy - IBcorp Racing Yamaha? We're actually not sure if Noah is an official member of the IBcorp team, but he's getting a bit of help from people involved with the team.” Kind of seemed from that ... more »

Reply to 2018 Vital MX Supercross Forum Fantasy League 1/4/2018 4:14 PM

I think I did this right... 450 Tier A - Eli Tomac 450 Tier B - Josh Grant 450 Tier C - Henry Miller - Adam Enticknap (fill in) 250 Tier A - Zach Osborne - Adam Cianciarulo 250 Tier B - Chase Sexton - Justin Cooper - Mitchell Harrison (fill in)

Reply to Which 250 Champ is More Likely to Repeat? 1/2/2018 2:56 PM

I was just about to say the same. I think ZachO has the better shot. He was an animal last year, and the east coast looks pretty depleted.

Reply to 2017 or 2018 Honda CRF230F Info Needed 12/16/2017 12:55 PM

Yeah, I’m not sure how they can try to sell you on the TTR being the better bike when they’re sold out of CRF230s and have a ton of TTRs in stock lol. If it truly was a better bike, you probably would’ve known that before the salesman. Those guys really ... more »

Reply to 2017 or 2018 Honda CRF230F Info Needed 12/16/2017 10:01 AM

I don’t know much about the TTR230, but there’s a pretty big selection of parts for the CRF230 (It and the 150F share quite a bit of stuff), I would wait and stick with the CRF for that reason.

Reply to Survey: Trackside Parts 12/12/2017 2:33 PM

Levers Bars Grips Tires Tubes Various fluid (2 stroke, motor oil, coolant, carb cleaner, etc) Miscellaneous bolts Air filters Numbers Yamabond or alike. I just recently was at a race and a guy got a small crack in his engine case. They were scrambling ... more »

Reply to INSTAGRAM SON! 12/6/2017 4:05 PM

IG: Chadwalsh_23 Snap: Chadwalsh23

Reply to Alias new gear release? 9/27/2017 7:37 AM

I've been wearing Alias since it came out (except for 1 year when I got a deal with MSR/Answer), I've never had a problem with the pants or jerseys coming apart, except for one crash when I ripped the back of a jersey. I don't wear knee braces, but I ... more »

Reply to 2004 KX125 Flywheel bolt torque? 9/15/2017 11:00 AM

I put it at 16, we'll see what happens! Haha. Thank you!