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Added reply in a thread Ever have one of those moto's ... 6/13/2019 3:15 PM

I'll be that guy* What does "second through the holeshot" mean? I've never done that. I've been second coming around the 1st corner and the guy that got the holeshot was in front of me.


Added reply in a thread Hanging up the boots, and still getting hurt 6/7/2019 6:52 AM

True, but in comparison to moto the majority of people would say it's much safer.

Added reply in a thread Hanging up the boots, and still getting hurt 6/7/2019 6:30 AM

Sorry to hear that man. One very interesting thing I've learned and seen over the pat few years is, I have WAY more friends that have been injured playing in those adult sports leagues then moto. Not exaggerating in the past 3 years I have 3 close friends ... more »

Started new thread If you're not having fun you're doing it wrong 5/21/2019 7:07 AM

Ya, it's another "banger" video. I really made it just because the song made me laugh hysterically though. My mediocre riding skills aren't "banger' worthy but riding dirt scooters is suppose to be fun so have a laugh or tell me I'm an idiot or move ... more »

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Added reply in a thread Would like to see a rule change from the AMA 5/20/2019 4:37 PM

I'm pretty sure they started a rule this year in the GP's that a rider has to pit within 2 laps to get goggles if they toss theirs. I could be wrong, but I could've sworn I heard or read it somewhere. I could see a rule like that being past in AMA racing. ... more »

Started new thread What’s on the side of Tomac’s engine. 5/15/2019 8:38 PM

I figured we could just get a jump start to this thread and explain it’s an oil cooler for the 800th time.

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Added a comment about video 2019 MXGP of Lombardia - MXGP & MX2 Race Highlights 5/12/2019 11:55 AM

Did Gajser's goggle lens pop off?

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Added reply in a thread Cooper down and hurt? 5/4/2019 2:30 PM

Fake news. Where are you seeing this??

Added reply in a thread New Fox Helmet? 4/17/2019 2:26 PM

Is that really how it works? They’re kinda alternate which rider they focus more on?

Started new thread New Fox Helmet? 4/15/2019 11:01 AM

Notices on pit bits Roczen’s visor looked a bit different. I can’t really tell if the entire helmet is different, but the visor definitely looks new. It looks like it might actually have screws to hold it on too... who would’ve thought.

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Added reply in a thread Could this be bad for Cooper or Sexton 4/10/2019 7:32 AM

You could argue that it didn’t help Bogle or even Malcom’s career??‍♂️

Added reply in a thread Could this be bad for Cooper or Sexton 4/9/2019 8:12 PM

Correct, that was not my point at all.

Started new thread Could this be bad for Cooper or Sexton 4/9/2019 7:37 PM

So making some assumption it's not hard to see Sexton or Cooper winning the East Championship, but long term could that actually be bad for them? No offense to them, but they are second best this year, and both young enough to be able use more time in ... more »

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Added reply in a thread Kyle Partridge v. Carey Hart 4/5/2019 8:23 AM

I remember hearing this story and ya it seems like it sucks, BUT you use throwback Thursday to drum up some drama from 8 years ago? What kind of childish bs is that. Move on with your life.

Added reply in a thread If Keefer races outdoors where does he finish? 4/4/2019 2:18 PM

I have a lot of respect for Keefer and what he does. He's helped me out a bunch with dialing a few bikes in, but I really don't get why he's doing this and don't see it going well. Does anyone remember when Ryno made his "comeback"? it didn't go well... ... more »

Added reply in a thread Gage Schehr 3/24/2019 2:10 PM

Wow. That’s horrible. I honestly think with all the questionable calls made all night the worst one was waiting like 2 laps to red flag the LCQ. He looked to be unconscious and not responsive laying in the track, and they still waiting.

Started new thread Gage Schehr 3/24/2019 8:03 AM

Any word on what he injured? He looked like he was in outer space when the showed him on the mule getting hauled off.

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Added reply in a thread A few things about Cooper's wild ride and officiating... 3/18/2019 5:14 PM

I think one of the best option would have be been dock Cooper 5 seconds from his finishing time for cutting the course and gaining an advantage (even though it was an accident). That way you get the formality of a penalty out of they way without effected ... more »

Added reply in a thread Glen Helen 6 Hour, lots and lots of fun 3/14/2019 5:30 PM

I'm glad someone got some video of this section. It was brutal. It had me questioning what I'd gotten myself into until they rerouted.

Added reply in a thread Glen Helen 6 Hour, lots and lots of fun 3/13/2019 8:59 AM

I was bummed when I got home because I realized i had a camera issue and lost all my footage from the first few laps. I would've loved to show how gnarly those sections were before they rerouted the track. The sense of relief I had when I came around ... more »