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Reply to Rm125 side plate trimming 3/16/2018 3:08 PM

‘08 to 17 RM-Z450 and ‘10-18 RM-Z250

Reply to Rm125 side plate trimming 3/16/2018 9:00 AM

There was only some small trimming of the backgrounds if I remember, but not much I used '08 and newer RM-Z450 plate and fender, they are all the same up to 2017. The RM-Z250 is the same starting in 2010 Here is a better link:,41536/setup,42029 ... more »

Reply to Rm125 side plate trimming 3/15/2018 4:26 PM

Take a look at my Bike Check, the secret is to use RMZ preprints and match the shape when you cut the plastic,41536/setup,42029 I tried the other methods, and this was the best shape overall

Reply to Need Help 03 RM250 Front Brake Hose Routing 11/9/2017 9:32 AM

You can use the 2004 and up guards, they bolt on just the same

New thread RM-Z 450 Skid plate 10/6/2017 7:33 AM

Not really a super technical post, but maybe helpful to RM-Z450 owners If you are looking for a low cost skid plate that bolts onto the frame without clamps, try the RM-X450Z skid plate. I bought mine from Babbitt's part number 42511-02J00. This is a

... more »

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Reply to Wiseco coating worn off? 3/24/2017 9:23 AM

Some wear is normal, the coating is not a break in type. I would look closely at the piston skirt and see if there is evidence of some dirt coming through the top end. Even a small amount of debris will cause the material to buff down Most skirt coatings ... more »

Reply to TiLube/Jack Links/TUF Racing AX Team 3/1/2017 4:06 PM

Nice video!

Reply to a couple questions for a possible build 12/30/2016 4:53 PM

Good luck with your pending project. Try craigslist but shop carefully; its easy to go see a bike and get excited into an emotional decision. Try and stay objective, its sometimes best to say no and walk away if your not sure about a purchase. This is ... more »

Reply to a couple questions for a possible build 12/29/2016 6:46 AM

"Another tip for Ebay. Search all ways of describing your bike RM125 and RM 125. You will be surprised at what you find sometimes. Also, if it fits say the 250 and 125, check them all. I have found a lot of parts cheaper because they were listed for ... more »

Reply to a couple questions for a possible build 12/27/2016 9:19 AM

IMO: when you buy a 10 plus year old bike used, even if the bike is in great shape (according to the listing...), you should go through most everything to assure the integrity of the main functioning systems. Suspension, engine, wheels, ... more »

Reply to RM125 (is this "the" one) ? 8/1/2016 6:00 PM

Seriously, a purpose built RM125 modernized?! Sign me up, for sure buying one