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Quick update, Finally got the "mx-bonz" air box fix kit and impressed with it, I nearly went for the twin air version but it requires bigger air filters so that's my reason for not going with that as I have too many CR air filters.., we were losing not

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Mergedecals in the UK great guys to speak too.

Added reply in a thread 2004 CR250 4/14/2017 12:30 AM

Hi, not much of a mod but using a RH cable on LH side to get rid of the spring tensioner and makes it look a lot neater its a wee bit shorter but fits perfectly.

Excuse the dirty photo

Added reply in a thread 2004 CR250 3/20/2017 12:15 AM

Yeah in pretty much standard form except the wheels, also an 06 cr125 (134) aswel, unbelievably reliable bikes!

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Hi all, I'm from Scotland and had Honda CRs from schoolboy class and thought I would share my ole CR it isn't as in depth as some of the builds on here but I will update on what else I do.. Low hour CR250 04 done so far.. Revalved SS24 suspension to

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