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Started new thread KTM/Husky to Japanese front end swap? 3/24/2020 4:19 PM

Stupid question. what yr jap bike can you losen the 8bolts in the clamps, and drop the whole front end wheel and brake over to a 17-19 ktm and the ktm stuff back over to the jap bike?

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Added reply in a thread Finished project 01 kx125 3/23/2020 6:24 PM

tighten your seat cover up then shell be all set

Added reply in a thread Dirt Bike Prices 3/22/2020 9:24 PM

some of my thoughts.. Theres going to be huge sale on new and left overs, (Im looking to spend 6200ish on a 20 150sx when best I could find was 6850 at xmas). Used bikes are going to be the same for a few reasons... -the guys who can afford a new bike ... more »

Added reply in a thread 2020 KX250 Bang 4 Buck Build 3/22/2020 2:02 PM

what oil are you using and what is its temp at the 10 min and 20 min mark on a 75* day? Ive never given mx bikes oil temps any real concern considering its only 1quart and I change typically 5hrs intervals regardless of use. I can imagine it being 280* ... more »

Added reply in a thread 18 Husqvarna FC250, Pennsylvania 3/19/2020 3:10 PM

will ship anywhere thru uship.com!

Added reply in a thread Most aggressive brake pads (initial bite/power) 3/19/2020 2:16 PM

well the pads fixed it. man those oems SUCKED! and yes I re bedded them, they just had no coefficient of friction.. So that problems solved... My new Kawi is almost ready to go. Looking forward to seeing what I think of its front brake. Ive got more ... more »

Added reply in a thread 2020 KX250 Bang 4 Buck Build 3/18/2020 2:15 PM

Got just about everything done,

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Started new thread Modern Retro Gear? 3/17/2020 7:40 PM

anyone care to share links or pics of their modern 19+ retro style swag? Looking for some M/32 getup but all the stuff im finding is 18' or older and all in weird size's and impossible to piece together a set that's the same color. cant sort by "retro"

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Added reply in a thread Motul 710 vs motul 800 3/17/2020 5:31 PM

im a big 800t believer, ran it in both my stock Honda and vortex ICC pro shifter karts with incredible results as well as all my 2 stroke mx bikes to current.

Added reply in a thread The most protective helmet 3/17/2020 5:23 PM

the cheap helmet that fits perfect is better than any 700$ brain bucket that fits just ok.

Added reply in a thread Is banning electronic aids better for the sport. 3/17/2020 5:10 PM

MX is 10-15years behind the sport bike world. Bikes will all be completely unserviceable by normal people. It is impossible for them to weight less than 220lbs and will only increase in weight, complexity and price especially as the sport continues to ... more »

Added reply in a thread 2021 Honda CRF450 Weight 3/15/2020 10:32 AM

this. plus the ktm exhaust system is outrageously light, my full yosh added more than half a pound vs the stock exhaust. lighter weight tubes as well, not sure how much lighter but oem ktm are the lightest tubes I could find for any bike

Added reply in a thread What’s best chain for a 18 crf 450 ? 3/14/2020 7:51 PM

gold chains are best. track sluts and podium girls won't give you time of day if you've got a black or a color chain.

Added reply in a thread Most aggressive brake pads (initial bite/power) 3/13/2020 10:58 AM

thanks gents. well I ordered a few sets, I did actually grab a set of the neutrons to try since they were so cheap, if they are a massive improvement ill just return the other pads, if they suck ill just keep them as emergency set and pop in the cm46 ... more »

Started new thread Most aggressive brake pads (initial bite/power) 3/12/2020 6:25 PM

Looking for hardest initial bite and mu for maximum outright power. modulation characteristics are not important. Please recommend the most "over the bars, 1 finger" pad you can. For a 97 cr125 specifically. Rotor caliper line and master are rebuilt, ... more »

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Added reply in a thread 2020 KX250 Bang 4 Buck Build 3/11/2020 6:18 PM

These graphics were an incredible pain to put on. Mainly the right side number plate with it’s crazy curves. Not sure what color seat cover to go with, the full green is brighter lime green that I’ve found so won’t match, all black might be too boring...?

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Added reply in a thread Too fancy for me. 3/9/2020 8:42 PM

you guys want to pay 1500 for titanium pegs and brackets ill start making them to whatever specs you want from billet blanks

Added reply in a thread works suspension takes 30 foot case WTF 3/7/2020 6:48 PM

idc what suspension you've got, slaming that hard with 12inches of travel is a hell of a lot of G on your wrists/ankles and spine if/when you hit the seat. id be bent if I landed from that high to flat let alone short

Added reply in a thread All new bikes.......which brand which year? 3/7/2020 6:41 PM

glad I got the 20 kx, it deff looks way better than the 21. the red ktms look so tasty. oh that's the 450 anyways...

Added reply in a thread 2005 Kawasaki KX 125 3/7/2020 12:14 PM

I like it. I'm in the market for something likes this or a 250 version