Hey Esfand love ya partner you pleasure to watch filled with info and hilarious! At some stage can you bring up servers that are oceanic or ask? Like surely they will do it right?? The reason the personal server scene is indeed dead for aussies is because of playing on 350-400ms its simply not enjoyable.. And I want these classics to operate with the oceanic servers but ive googled and searched so much I cant find any information regarding this whatsoever.. Of how they'll do it, However im scared.. The WoW Classic Gold players will be spread by servers for oceanic out too much no servers for us will make alot of us never perform it.. And we would like to play it... we really want to play it but not with horrible latency.

I am not going to lie I miss a few of those nostalgic things of classic World of Warcraft such as people right-clicking you and inviting you into a group if they supposed to truly inspect your full T2 or T3 gear. I miss when you did something like the quest with your priest it meant something. I will never forget how Mages had to create lots of food for the raid warlocks had the Soul Stone off garbage. I remember you could just have two to three mounts because you had all your nature resist gear fire resist gear Frost resist equipment on your 16 slot travel luggage taking up space.

I remember grinding to the standing to get in the raid something like archetype crystals along with a bunch of void crystals. I will never forget how finally among our rogues got the other binding from molten heart off of gar and finally after Wrath of Lich King she got her mythical sword. Because raid just for fun and we chose to go back it was a fantastic memory. I recall traveling into arath Highlands to speak to the guard to queue for Arathy Basin. I recall the very first time I was level 40 I saw a palladin jump out of the Tower bubbling on how down consecrating the floor smashing the hell out of each one of the ogres that followed him down in Dungeon 0.5 equipment that was the afternoon I decided to make a paladin I was sick of dying on my Warlock I had been sick of dreading the dinosaurs and innumerable mob came back to kill me.

Trust me once I say trolling hard and that / 2 what is the place to be. Plus it had been are you spamming for Pub groups when some spells were learned from books, oh I remember. And believe me I had been there for it since 2004. But I could say one last thing which was nostalgia and in the past the memories won't ever leave me until I have Alzheimer's but the simple fact that you men and a great deal of people want to attempt and raise that old sport from the deceased I find it quite moot I don't wish to go back to these days I love how today. I can only queue for a dungeon anywhere I adore how finally I can accumulate over 400 Mount and pets too Blizzard is giving me something for many of my years of playing World of Warcraft and that could be transmog.

I'm so thankful that I held onto each Helm's shoulders torso gloves legs boots weapons and shields there's so many years and so many raids how dare you assholes try to take away that which is Holy Ground years of enjoying WoW Classic simply because you would like to relive in that past. WoW Classic is better than it ever was. I had a fun time at classic World of Warcraft and in fact I still have all my original boxes and standing in line in GameStop at 12 a.m. and once more I state to you stop trying to tread on the past leave it be and let it die where it is.

I understand from a business side, but it really sucks for all these fans and employees in the west. Most of the devs they are employing are for the phone games. Classic is already developed so it will get hurt the most. The item is activision could care less. They will make so much from these phone games when WoW Classic completely dries up they wouldn't care. They awakened buying Blizzard in this sense Buy Gold in WoW Classic. They did not realize program based games are the way. Its if you prefer computer games its coming the end of activision computer games, although if you like cell games. Although I do expect a WoW Classic expansion ever couple years for at least a couple more years.Giving me something for many of my years of playing WoW

Giving me something for many of my years of playing WoW
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