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Added a new video Zach Osborne: "It's just a constant high level..." 2/18/2018 5:05 AM

Does Zach try to peak before the start of his season? Not really. He showed that he's always ready to go with a win at Arlington.

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Vital MX Pit Bits: Arlington 2/17/2018 5:24 PM
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Added reply in a thread Safety idea about triple jumps. 2/15/2018 5:45 PM

I think I agree with you there. Also, looking at the right side of that lane (as the riders hit it), it wouldn't shock me a lot if part of the safety feature was to ensure that a bike DIDN'T cross over toward the oncoming traffic. Taking away the blocks ... more »

Added reply in a thread Barcia/Tomac rift in SD 2/15/2018 5:41 PM

I just looked at your avatar. Looks like you're going for the totally clean look, too.

First Look: 2018 Monster Energy Kawasaki Racing Team 2/15/2018 5:03 PM
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Added a new video Josh Strang // A Decade of Chasing the Dream – Part 3 2/15/2018 2:25 PM

In the third and final part of ‘A Decade of Chasing the Dream,’ Josh enjoys the offseason, discusses what he may do after he’s done racing, and shares some exciting news about his immediate future.

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Added reply in a thread Vital website super slow 2/15/2018 1:52 PM

If I want people to stop posting, I have ways to do that.

There was a database issue yesterday that's fixed now.

Added reply in a thread California Pot Smokers 2/15/2018 1:50 PM

Wouldn't that be the same as if you overmedicated on prescription drugs?

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Added a comment about feature That's What HE Said 2/14/2018 2:52 PM

Letting everyone know that you've been kicked off other sites night not be your best play as an intro...

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Added reply in a thread Vital website super slow 2/14/2018 2:25 PM

Throwing food in their cage now, and spraying some WD-40 on the wheel bearings.

Added reply in a thread WE is annoying 2/14/2018 2:05 PM

We sure have a lot to worry about.

Started new thread EBR Performance Altus Motorsports Yamaha Team & 3D Racing “JOIN FORCES for 250 SX East” 2/14/2018 11:14 AM

PR... (League City, TX ) EBR Performance Altus Motorsports Yamaha Team and 3D Racing are proud to announce our new 250 Supercross East Team for 2018. EBR Performance has supported aspiring amateur riders which have won numerous national amateur championships ... more »

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Added reply in a thread REALLY? That’s all HE said? 2/14/2018 11:06 AM

What conspiracy?

Added reply in a thread Justin Hills Helmet 2/14/2018 8:51 AM

Check out Pit Bits from San Diego.

Added reply in a thread Vital MX Forum QNA: Jeremy Hoyer 2/13/2018 11:32 PM

We had talked about this a little bit offline, but how many "flavors" of A Kit stuff is out there? What are the differences? How do you ID them?