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Reply to Brian Moreau 9/7/2020 7:26 PM

I feel for the guy, I love motorcycles more than anything and have been on them since age 4 and am 31, but after a tbi and multiple concussions, I sold my equipment at the beginning of the year after a small head impact which has made me moderately disabled. ... more »

Reply to The History of Honda's Odyssey and Pilot 1977-1990 4/23/2020 7:24 PM

I've always wanted one of those 85' odyssey's or a pilot just to rip around the dunes. Classics for sure.

Reply to RC and Jeff talking about old times. Ricky is looking fit. 4/10/2020 5:13 PM

Adderall or speed diet pills give that un natural fit look. Not saying this is the case, but he does look odd. Perhaps it's from seeing him over weight for so long.

Reply to Guy "airtime" cooper photos 4/10/2020 5:02 PM

Those old photo's in the stadium are really cool to see. The signage and appearance of everything is so much more simple and organic feeling. I look at something like that, and compare it to a modern night show photo, and would guess the old photo was ... more »

Reply to Pulpmx Monday Night - Quadgate 4/8/2020 1:59 PM

You gotta listen to the Fly whatever show where Matthes interviews Phi Nicolettil, he ask's Phil about it at the end of the interview, it's awesome.

Reply to 110 prices 4/7/2020 8:56 PM

MSRP is $2399 with a $190 destination fee bs. So yeah, that's a good deal.

Reply to Has ryno lost his mind? 4/6/2020 6:55 PM

I like Ryno, I raced Worcs when he did, and my class raced with the Pro's. He'd eventually lap me, and he was always 'polite' on course and would give me space, I don't know, you can tell a lot about a person I think by that, how they get around a slower ... more »

Reply to JS7 KX450 Pics 3/29/2020 7:06 PM

I'm a little tired of seeing monster logo's personally. That 06' factory look was so clean.

Reply to Can we all just agree... 3/28/2020 12:47 PM

RV 2007 Des Nations - Fastest any mans ever ridden a motorcycle

Reply to Adventure bikes, any you moto guys ride? 3/25/2020 9:50 PM

poor mans adv bike. ridden her some places, spent some nights together.

... more »

Reply to Racer X pro MX simulator eSupercross race tonight 3/25/2020 9:38 PM

I hate watching these because they make me want to play it and be like them but it's un-realistic. I've got about 40hrs on the darn game, 5ish researching crap and messing with skins, and could barely even ride around an sx track staying in the lanes. ... more »

Reply to Indy cancelled 3/12/2020 6:11 PM

Are teams going to still be working and operating as normal just no main events on saturday? I imagine this affects more than just cancelled races. Especially tough for the guys who rely on results to make money. A month + with no income? Paying teams ... more »

Reply to Indy cancelled 3/12/2020 5:48 PM

Sooo these guys are going to keep training everyday at max capacity not knowing when they will race again? Prepare to see things get interesting. Guys who struggle to find the motivation are going to be lacking next race.

Reply to Let's see/review those 2019 kx450s 3/4/2020 6:06 PM

I rode a 19' CRF450 before the Kawi. The Honda has a tad more front end traction, while it also feels a little 'heavier' in the front. But both are great front end steering bikes. The Kawi has that familiar ability to steer with the rear as well where ... more »

Reply to Who/What is next for Electric 2/29/2020 5:35 PM

I remember watching you ripping those alta bikes all day at fox raceway a few weeks back with your generator set up. Looks like a blast. The suspension seems to work well with the different motor characteristics it was fun to watch, or you've got them ... more »

Reply to Pulp Fantasy Thought 2/23/2020 10:50 AM

It's challenging enough as is. I had webb last night - crashed out, davalos - crashed out, jordan smith - crashed out basically, jace owen - crashed out by jordan smith. It was not good.

Reply to Tomac's triple jump passes 2/23/2020 10:41 AM

He's also scrubbing the jump very hard. Which causes him to carve off the lip as if his direction is headed off track, which puts him more in front of the rider behind him. He wasn't that far over at the base of the jump. He may not even had known it ... more »

Reply to Supercross Solo 2/22/2020 9:23 AM

Why wouldn't you? A fear of embarrassment/getting shamed or a worry of feeling lonely? I did a solo 12 day adv moto trip, and do solo stuff all the time. It's not always easy (or smart) but I think it helps me be mentally stronger, have more self belief, ... more »

Reply to Modern day gloves 2/22/2020 9:06 AM

These gloves give me blisters on the thumb knuckle from rubbing the grip flange due to there being no material on the thumb. Not sure why some models don't have that.

Reply to New Electric motorcycle UBCO FRX1 (new to me at least) 2/20/2020 2:10 PM

It's.. C. Fugly