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Added reply in a thread Financing a new bike 5/10/2019 8:33 AM

Have you tried looking into credit cards? Not sure what it's like across your side of the pond but you can get good promotional offers over here, e.g. 0% on a large sum for 26 months. I just purchased a mountain bike that way. The benefit of the credit ... more »

Added reply in a thread MotoGP 2019 4/15/2019 12:10 AM

Did anyone see Roger DeCoster try and present the 3rd place trophy to the 2nd place guy on the Moto2 podium?


Added reply in a thread Pulp MX is now Pulp Mountain bike 4/3/2019 8:03 AM

I like it but I wish he would stop going on about how the bigger front wheel on his bike is 'moto', as if moto guys would somehow get on better with that bike because of the different wheel sizes compared to a regular bike. A Penny Farthing also has

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Added reply in a thread What a waste of f*cking time 2/3/2019 9:34 AM

You can pretty much put this music over any part of the broadcast and get the same result


Added reply in a thread Le Touquet live stream 2/3/2019 5:19 AM


Added reply in a thread Le Touquet live stream 2/3/2019 5:03 AM

HD with Paul Malin commentary. https://motorsport.tv/motorsporttv/video/le-touquet-enduropale/17807

Added reply in a thread Team Disputes, Fights and Trash Talk 1/29/2019 3:54 PM

Anyone remember this? Stewart pushing Reeds bike off the stand after one of their run ins.


Added reply in a thread Curious. Ever had your SG12’s do this? 1/22/2019 3:32 PM

Same happened to me but on the left boot, slipped a foot landing a jump and caught the peg. I looked into replacing that part (it's called the wishbone) but never bothered. I've probably put another 50 hours on them since then and they're still holding ... more »

Added reply in a thread Pulp fantasy 1/13/2019 12:26 PM

He's talking about last year when he say's that. There is no drop round this year.

Added reply in a thread A1 Discussion 1/5/2019 8:48 AM

'Looks comfortable' View this post on Instagram A sketchy moment for @crtwotwo. ? A post shared by Racer X Online(@racerxonline) on Jan 4, 2019 at 1:59pm PST

Added reply in a thread Coldenhoff injured at Lommel today 12/15/2018 4:06 PM

His foot is nowhere near the shifter, definitely not rider error.

Added reply in a thread Custom Helmets 12/14/2018 2:47 PM

The thought of giving the artist free reign gives me anxiety, that's a good recipe to end up with a $1200 paintjob that you don't like. Fair play to you though.

Added reply in a thread Thoughts and support for Cade Clason 12/2/2018 11:49 PM

I'm fairly sure it's a criminal matter if you get injured at work as a result of your employers negligence. The police are probably investigating if proper safety measures had been put in place to protect the flaggers by whoever runs the track.

Started new thread High Profile MTB Riders Fail Drugs Test 11/26/2018 6:17 AM

Big news in the MTB world today as two top enduro riders announced positive tests. There is a lot of interesting information in this article. Lots of parallels to the moto world in terms of the series organisers involvement in the testing and decision ... more »

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Added reply in a thread Herlings new ride 10/25/2018 2:17 PM

I reckon Herlings has easily made double what Jason Anderson has made in his career. No doubt he has his money invested wisely as well as a few toys.

Added reply in a thread Team GB would have finished 1 point behind France 10/8/2018 10:41 AM

If some of you had even just half a brain, you would have seen the part of my post where I stated that I know it's an irrelevant point at this stage and that you could come up with 10 other hypothetical team scenarios

I was simply pointing ... more »

Started new thread Team GB would have finished 1 point behind France 10/8/2018 7:59 AM

If Tommy Searle's bike had survived the last two laps of the first moto and he'd managed to stay in 4th, Team GB would have finished the day on 37 points with 4-4-6-10-13 moto scores. France would have been bumped from 35 to 36 and Italy would be bumped ... more »

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Added reply in a thread MXON UK tv coverage 10/4/2018 3:53 AM

Just pay for the proper stream you tight fucks! We've finally reached a time where the GP's and both AMA series' can be properly live streamed in HD and have a catch up service and yet people would rather save a couple of quid and pay for some dodgy

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Added reply in a thread The Conversation Broc Tickle 9/26/2018 5:33 AM

Interesting. Perhaps this quote from the FIM's statement will also make it clear why Tickle isn't racing any form of motocross at the moment. Mr. Anthony West is provisionally suspended with effect from 14 September 2018. He is therefore barred from ... more »