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socalguy 1/7/2017 9:36 AM
C50 it possible to send you a private message? I have a KX related question and was hoping you could assist.

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hellion 12/12/2016 7:52 AM

ML, You do a great job here on Vital managing what sometimes seems like a zoo or a prison. You are young, still idealistic, and good hearted. Eventually life takes some of that innocence away from us all. It does help if you learn to turn a deaf ear to negativity, a skill which I have yet to master myself. Anyhow, know that for any hater, there are probably ten people who'd have your back. Keep on doing what you do.

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Andy86 11/2/2016 6:29 AM

Hi can i have my restoration added to the build section please ?,22/Yz250T-1987-restoration-project-money-pit,1287331

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twotwosix 9/29/2016 2:32 PM

Will you reactivate my Manners226 profile so I can delete this one, please? Thank you.

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Crush 7/30/2015 3:54 AM

Hey Mike... Question. "If" Reedy goes blue, does that mean he's on a SSS works fork or oil setup... OR a PSF1/2?

I'm worried about front end feel for him–he always does well on the flicky light front end dominant bikes...

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Chas218 3/5/2015 8:05 AM

Here is the Story behind the donated bike for Reed in Atlanta:

Cameron Stone Post:
Alright so here's what happened as of Thursday night. I get a text from Matt walker saying that chad wants to ride my bike and I send them a picture of it and he says Reed is pumped on it and ask if I can bring it saturday morning before 9 and I said yeah no problem. 30 minutes later I get a text from Matt again saying we have a problem chad wants it Friday morning and I said idk that's missing a day of work and paying for a motel. So AMA offers me 250 dollars to bring it to cover my expenses then Matt offered me an extra 50 to make it 300 and I was fine with that once my boss said everything was good. Matt also said I could get 2 vip passes. So I get there Friday and no one on two two motorsports even knows I'm bringing the bike. Might I add the everyone that worked for chad was super cool and nice. I drop the bike off then I get a text from Matt and ask if I dropped it off and I said yeah. After that I tried calling Matt and then started getting my calls ignored and never heard from that guy again the whole weekend which I thought was funny since he said he was gonna pay me an extra 50 but I wasn't sweating it. So I go up to will call to get my passes and what do u know there is only one pass there. I have to find someone from AMA and explain to them that I need more passes and why would I just want one pass to walk around all by myself. So I finally convince them to give me another pass. Might I add the AMA guy Nate was also nice and helped me out a lot. Skipping over to Saturday morning the first place I go is of course chads trailer and talk with the guys and everything and I ask hey can I meet chad sometime today. I just want to shake his hand and say hey I don't want to waste his time cuz I know he is busy and they were like yeah hold on let me let him know ur here. So I see them go tell him and he never even looks over my way and I wait there for a good 25 minutes so I leave and figure hey I'll see what else is going on. So throughout the day I stop by and hang out and still nothing from Reed. Then I come back when I know he has a big break and wait there for over a hour and I still got no hello or thanks or anything. At this point one of the mechanics comes over and ask hey chad was wondering if u are interested in selling the bike and I laugh and say I'd thought he actually might say that but chad still never came over. So now it's about time to go up to watch the night show so I get up and get a seat. I go in watchin the night show and I'm pumped for my bike being out in the show and also pumped for Reed that he won his heat. Then the main comes and he crashes and I was a little bummed for him but of course after that I go back down to his rig and what do u know chad is in the trailer again and I asked the mechanic so do I need to get the bike out of the way or what? and he was like yeah u can take it. So I get my bike and hang around the pits sitting with my bike for about 30 minutes then I ask the mechanic hey could I get his gear so I can donate it to st Jude and he was cool with that and went and got it for me but still no chad anywhere. Right before I leave I ask the mechanic hey chad said something about buying my bike right? He said yeah we aren't asking him anything about that now he is mad about the main. So I left finally with no thank you with not a single word said from chad to me. So I get multiple people afterwards tell me hey donate the whole bike to st Jude and I thought it was a great idea and they told them I have to get my money back for the bike but I'm willing to donate the rest. So I put the bike on eBay then the next day I get a text from Matt walker. (This guy is still alive). So he says chad is bummed on me putting that bike on eBay and using his name. I said hey man I'm donating money to st Jude. And he said idk some people don't like their stuff online like that and that I should take it off and sell it somewhere else. Right after that I get a call from a guy that works for chad. He said hey chad doesn't like that stuff on eBay using his name and I said hey I'm donating the money to st Jude and I have on there that this is not chad reeds bike just the bike that he rode for opening ceremonies. By the end of me talking to me he said that he thought what I was doing was good and that he just worked for Reed and had to make these calls. At first I said I would take it down so he wouldn't be mad till I got to thinking that I'm doing absolutely nothing wrong here and that chad should be pumped that I'm donating the money. I even told the guy I would give chad Reed all the credit for the money it brought. Everything seemed fine by the end of the call and the guy said chad was not happy but was over it pretty much. Then today I get a call from the same guy saying that chad wanted to take legal action possibly and the guy even told me that I wasn't doing anything wrong and they couldn't make me take it off. (Not sure if I'm throwing this guy under the bus since he works for chad but seemed to be more on my side lol) so I tell him no this is ridiculous and I'm not taking it off I'm just trying to do the right thing and I said chad should not have this big of a problem with raising money for sick kids. Not long after that I get someone telling me hey look at instagram and that's when Reed posted that status and bam then all the death threats come my way haha. Over all chads whole team was super nice and and so was AMA but not so much chad himself. I'm really not sure what the problem is with donating money to a charity or if he is just wanting money from it for himself or something. Either way this whole thing is ridiculous and I don't see a problem with what I'm doing and if u don't like it guess what I DONT CARE!!!

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mert.yasak.39 2/18/2015 11:02 AM

Hi my brother to stay in the country in which you

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Chas218 2/14/2015 3:16 PM

Brother, I appreciate the bike of the month. I worked very hard on it and could not be happier its out there for everyone to see because of you!

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RVoortman57 12/31/2014 3:44 PM

Hello I sent you several emails regarding product testing and was wondering if you happened to receive them

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mikebrownsound 12/9/2014 2:14 PM

How do i pm you ?

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SLO1667 11/27/2014 1:56 PM

is there a way to make the new CRF corner and plant like an RMZ? Both great bikes, IMO, and each have their own traits, but any insights to make the 15 CRF 250 work a little better? I appreciate any feedback,

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Mx_Murray5 11/16/2014 11:55 AM

Hey just curious if you had a Instagram ml512, would like to use your photo for my fanpage and want to give to credit so let me know thanks

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roost251 10/19/2014 8:42 AM

It wont let me send you a Msg, IDK if its because you are admin or we are not "friends"

email is Thanks again

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swedishfishmx 10/12/2014 11:33 PM

Makita124 is at it again. As soon as the post he made (assuming it's one of his 3 accounts) was moved the the dumbgeon he posted another topic about the MB1 Holeshot link.

I'm sure you already know that, or will find out soon.

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Arrowhead428 9/12/2014 3:06 AM

How do I redeem my $100 Decal works gift cert ??
Is there a code I enter when ordering ??

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Arrowhead428 9/8/2014 3:00 AM

Thanks ! That's Awesome.......

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Crush 9/4/2014 8:09 PM

Thanks bud! Much appreciated! Can never be too careful!

You don't like my profile name? haha

Hey I said to Bayodome before, not sure if he got it, you guys should think about adding a bike of the day/month page or section in the bike check thing. Maybe a list filter or a separate page. We gear heads could just cruise through them and drool much easier then!

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Crush 9/4/2014 4:13 PM

Hey Bud... Would you mind dropping my last name on front page? Don't want to give too much away, Alex is fine. Cheers!

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ap60 8/17/2014 2:52 PM

I see you've tested both the xtrig and nk sfs clamps. What would you say gives an easier ride, Iv got a pretty knackard wrist and was interested in what you thought took the most out of sharp edge bumps and vibration.

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keinz 6/25/2014 8:07 AM

Nice copy. Here is the original invented by Are Kaurit

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