I just returned home from putting on a motocross clinic at Monster Mountain Mx track in Montgomery Alabama, and man I gotta tell ya, that place is incredible. The main track layout was one of the best I've seen. It was super wide everywhere, with a lotta safe, really fun jumps.There were step ups like I have never seen before, big table's that had huge safety deck landing"s, with a great blend of outdoor style motocross thrown in. Tom Brinkman, the owner, had the track groomed like it had never been riden on before.There wasn't one piece of dirt outta place on the entire track. As for the spectater viewing, you can pretty much see the whole track from the top area of the pits.Oh ya, one more thing I noticed. I did not see one piece of trash anywhere on the compound.I wish I would of had more time to stay around and do some riding with the local's. And for you vintage rider's, after spending a couple hour's on that track, this is the track where I would be going if I rode vintage bike's.This place need's to be on the AMA Outdoor Motocross schedule. See you guys next year for sure !!

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Marty_Smith 11/5/2011 12:37 PM

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Marty, thanks so much for the kind words and most importantly for making the trip to Alabama to teach at Monster Mountain. Everyone in the school loved it - and loved getting to know you. I've taken Tommy to a bunch of schools taught by some talented riders who were great instructors - but I'd have to say your program is the best I've ever seen. Your focus on safety and perfecting technique, combined with your feedback to riders when they're applying what they've learned is the perfect blend. Everyone had a blast, learned alot, and couldn't stop talking about the school. Thanks for a great show! Can't wait to have you back.

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