alright guys so I just got an 18 KTM 125 SX,First ride I realized it had short bars and I know that by going wider would help a little bit and just is more overall comfortable. Then the suspension is set to 140,I’m 105lbs And a C rider, yes I know you guys will tell me to fix it and I’ve already done almost everything I can to suspension,And I get really gnarli head shake/Tank slapper all the time at least twice every lap in braking bumps, would a Damper help to fix this? Otherwise what else can I do,and I also have the head Nut already way to tight

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Mitchel_Gehling98SCMX Mitchel_Gehling98SCMX 8/25/2019 6:43 PM

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check sag front and rear and make sure the spring/air pressure suit your weight. Check rebound damping on the fork - too much will pack the fork within a couple bumps and start headshake. If it shakes on fast, bumpy straights, a little more rebound will smooth it. Start with the settings in the book and go from there.

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