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New thread WTF (Erzbergrodeo) 7/24/2020 4:54 PM

I knew it was hard, but the documentary edits always made it look easier than it should have. until i stumbled upon this video... Got damn, I used to think i could ride atleast a couple of hills of the course......ill stick to riding slow around vet ... more »

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New thread Our Sport (Details) 7/10/2020 3:37 PM

Just got done watching F1 free practice for this weekend. Why cant Sx/Mx give us the technical aspects of riders bikes and such like they do in motogp and F1? Id like to know that somebody is running a different map, and they changed the spring rate ... more »

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New thread The Next Group? 6/16/2020 7:21 PM

Ok, some of you guys know better than me. When does Ryder DiFrancesco -make his debut? same with Max vohland? Reason im asking is that i think the Next Group of kids is going to be something nuttier than we already see. Im not sure the age gap between ... more »

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New thread Couple of questions, Looking for a couple of answers 6/5/2020 2:19 PM

Neken Bars do you have to run their triple clamp to use them? Or will they fit on the stock clamps on a 2018.5 FC450? Are KTM/Husky chassis components, hubs/sprockets/fastners cross referenced with eachother??.. and what would be explicitly different ... more »

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New thread Comprehensive list of Past Sx/Mx entry list's? 5/27/2020 12:09 PM

Does anybody know if there is a comprehensive list of Past Sx/Mx entry list's? from the early 80s until now. Apparently the racer x vaults, does not list people who signed up and didn't make the night show. I'm trying to do some in-depth research of ... more »

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New thread Quarantine Perk 5/21/2020 11:47 AM

Quarantine perk nobody has talked about. Who are the riders that were able to fully heal and can now race again? Being its been almost 2 months off for them that should allow for most breaks/injuries to heal that may have occured in the first 10 races. ... more »

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New thread PFG? 5/18/2020 4:40 PM

Here me out, Would starting a Professional Flagger Group work? 1. To contract with the professional ranks, SX and MX 2. offer a base payment of 20$ a hour through the race day only. which would be negotiated from the contract. 3. All flaggers would be ... more »

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New thread All Time Best Wrench? 4/3/2020 8:18 PM

Being alot of downtime for everyone got me thinking. Who were/are the best all-time mechanics from the 60s/70s/80s/90s/00s? I can only think of Tony Berlutti(spelling), lee mocolum(spelling),Chad Watts, Skip Norfolk, Jeremy albrect(spelling), Mike Gosselar ... more »

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New thread Any moto Guys Racing F1 while locked in the house? 3/28/2020 1:13 PM

Wondering if any of you moto dudes and dudettes are driving your asses off on F1 2019 ps4 or pc? and if so, lets get a vital mx league going

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New thread A Classic Showdown 2/26/2020 4:35 PM

Beamdesigns vs TroyLee

Vs Disclaimer* both artists have amazing helmet design's, 8m bored about to leave at work and wanted to know what the general consensus was, who are fans of the artist. ... more »

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New thread Trying to rebuild some SG12 Boots (Help) 2/9/2020 6:49 PM

Does anybody know where i can get the SG12 Shinplate and wishbone? I've searched Ebay/BTO/ Gaerne's Usa website,/ Rocky mtn/Offer up/ craigslist... and a few sketchy moto sites. The only one that has had everything is however i ... more »

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New thread Friday Night Moto Help 2/7/2020 6:43 PM

I have a 2018 Husky FC and the rear wheel makes a knocking sound when moving left to right. the knocking click has me thinking inside the hub bearings... as the sprocket bolts are tight and the swingarm is tight and the axle going through is lubed and ... more »

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New thread Body Armor (RXR) and some others 1/20/2020 12:28 PM

Curious, Does anybody have any experience with RXR Air Chest protector? This one to be exact Im in the market for a Chest Protector and not a flimsy roost protector. if anybody has any good insight or recommendation? I'm not necessarily looking ... more »

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New thread 2001 250f for sale (1200$) 1/6/2020 2:44 PM

I'm selling my trusty 2001 yz250f.. Love this bike, but time to let her go to a new owner. I have the pinkslip as well. Backstory this bike was Ernesto Fonseca's yamaha of troy practice bike for supercross. It still runs and will start on a couple of

... more »

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New thread Zach Osborne's Helmet 1/6/2020 11:40 AM

What Fly Helmet does that guy have? Because 1. Im in the market for a new bucket. and 2. Crashes that hard to the back of the head and to be ok is a straightup testament for that helmet.

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New thread Mike Sleeter! with great insight i never knew about. 12/29/2019 12:21 PM

I seriously cant wait for this full interview to drop. I wish more of the guys in the know would talk about chassis stuff like this and what the R&D guys do more. Makes me wonder, what happend to js7's bike the year jgr made his radiators lower and ... more »

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New thread Mx Training Facilities and Pro MX/SX Championships 12/26/2019 12:28 PM

Being that we've all seen the explosion of the motocross training facilities. Which one has produced the most champions at the top level? Or are all there riders still to young and haven't graduated from the amateur ranks? Im talking about ClubMX, South ... more »

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New thread Hypothetically Racing with (Age Gates) 12/16/2019 2:01 PM

This is definitely for the off-season. But do you guys think, if you could age gate supercross at the highest level it would equal longer tenure of riders sticking around?? For example, Age restricting the 450 class to 25 and over or maybe even 30+ . ... more »

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New thread Guys who do major bike rebuilding 12/4/2019 11:49 AM

Where do you guys get your hands on these nice parts for bikes that are 15+ years old? Im starting a rebuild on my 01 250f and am having a hard time finding a frame/sub frame thats not bent. Yet im seeing guys buy total roaches from like 92-97 and they ... more »

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New thread Spoke with my wallet (2Smoke) 11/21/2019 8:23 PM

View this post on Instagram O god oh fuk the Souf has a Kavalry A post shared by Terry(@trailerparktalentshow) on Nov 21, 2019 at 3:10pm PST

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