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Added reply in a thread Team mechanics logistics for covid race 5/25/2020 6:42 PM

Overnight shipping with private companies to make sure nothing is lost in the transfer with a central drop and pickup location. It should have already been set up. One bike should last all 7 rounds just moto swap and same with suspension and plastics ... more »

Added reply in a thread Do You Think These Unprecedented Sunday/Wednesday SX TV Broadcasts, Will Bring Us Zillions Of New Fans ? 5/25/2020 6:37 PM

Any sports on tv will bring an audience but it won’t increase bike sales or reignite more racing it more like the only thing on.

Added reply in a thread Motocross is dying 5/25/2020 7:31 AM

I have been riding at 2 different tracks in 2 weeks and to see the amount of people there is amazing. From racers to PPRs to new kids on 50’s and 65’s I’m impressed. Maybe Racing is not the real reflection of the sport. But it’s great to see new families ... more »

Added reply in a thread No red bud? 5/17/2020 9:28 PM

Guys I think it’s a state by state issue. A track promoter has to decide if it looks like he might take a big loss if the turnout looks like it will be small because they would rather stay home and watch it on tv. I’m glad I don’t have to make that decision ... more »

Added reply in a thread CoVid 5/16/2020 8:13 PM

Neither it was to scared to come near them.

Started new thread CoVid 5/16/2020 8:04 PM

Louie Pieck called Weston to help with the CoVid virus and in less than an hour it had vanished. Father and son kicked CoVid ass.

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Added reply in a thread Stolen Dirtbike: how would you handle this? 5/15/2020 6:27 PM

Keep face covered and have a friend with you to hold him and see how far backwards his knee goes.

Added reply in a thread Resumed SX Schedule Details Announced 5/14/2020 4:07 PM

Dave I agree but I thought asking was a legit question because we have always here stories about riders being left out. Its going to put a strain on everyone thats for sure.

Added reply in a thread Resumed SX Schedule Details Announced 5/14/2020 3:35 PM

If someone knows the facts of the question I am asking that would be great. Did the riders get to have any input into this schedule and the repetition of the races so close together. I can't answer that question because its far beyond my level of fitness ... more »

Added reply in a thread Supercross restarting in SLC? 5/14/2020 10:15 AM


Added reply in a thread Where To Donate Gear/Helmets 5/12/2020 7:03 AM

Any gear donated could help new riders to be properly dressed but helmets could be a liability issue if used and older. But great thought to help people out.

Added reply in a thread Elsinore 5/1/2020 3:06 PM

I hope they did their homework.

Added reply in a thread Suzuki has let go of the R&D department 4/30/2020 12:48 PM

Looks like the Chinese OMOW Brand will be replacing Suzuki

Added reply in a thread Supercross New? 4/25/2020 2:15 PM

Yes I though it was about the restart of the SX Series? And thumbs down is nice.

Started new thread Supercross New? 4/25/2020 9:35 AM

What happened to the press release that was scheduled for Friday?

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Added reply in a thread TENTATIVE sx start date 4/18/2020 8:36 AM

Auto Club Speedway in Fontana, They have all the room to make a track, make track changes, great weather and has option of day races or bring in lights for night racing. It’s not being used.

Added reply in a thread 89' Golden State Nats - SANDHILL RANCH 4/14/2020 2:36 PM

Year I went there it was foggy and like 33 degrees and your hands went numb. Was no fun.

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Added reply in a thread Ronnie Tichenor 4/8/2020 8:17 PM

Ronnie had surgery yesterday to repair his injuries but I still don’t know what they were. I hope to have some more information tomorrow.

Started new thread Ronnie Tichenor 4/7/2020 3:05 PM

Read something just posted that Ronnie suffered a crushed spine from a crash. Don't know what kind of crash or even if this report was true. If someone knows I hope its not true and if it is Praying for Ronnie.

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