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New thread Believe the hype - Alessi 3rd fastest 1/8/2011 4:54 PM

In the 2nd "B" practice. He might be making mains if he keeps this up!

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Reply to dave and busters 1/8/2011 11:11 AM

We couldn't find everyone at Dave and Busters so we just hung at the OC Grill all night and drank.... A lot.... Like $450 worth....


Reply to This season.. 1/6/2011 10:46 PM

I heard they are racing them dirt sickles too

Reply to Any Members want to hook up @ A1 1/6/2011 10:42 PM

I think they closed the Anaheim Angel Inn, so no more Newcastle and Krispy Kreme parties..

You going to show up PDub??

Reply to Any Members want to hook up @ A1 1/6/2011 10:40 PM

They rebuilt me


Reply to Any Members want to hook up @ A1 1/3/2011 3:50 PM

I'll be throwin em back at the OC Sports Grill with SmithMX201 on Friday.

Reply to Roczen on a KTM150SX 1/3/2011 1:32 PM

Is this place just a re-skinned version of Motonews??

Reply to Okay, here's what I find kooky in two-stroke/four-stroke arguments 12/28/2010 3:46 PM

Haha I'm trying to re-insert myself back into moto society quietly.. I was away searching for a hobby that a big sasquatch with 1/2 a working leg can do, but now I"m back..

Reply to Okay, here's what I find kooky in two-stroke/four-stroke arguments 12/28/2010 3:26 PM

The 2-stroke motorcycle's downfall was the dreaded "single to table" jump. That alone is what killed them.

Reply to Question for DC and Swap 12/23/2010 9:24 AM

Maybe if they had a special issue on how to go fast with really bad form?

Reply to Time for a collective raising of the IQ 12/8/2010 10:34 AM

I took this as you wanted me to come back and start posting...


Reply to a series champion on a crappy bike 12/8/2010 10:33 AM

1. MC on the Zook 2. RC on the bucking bronco Honda

Reply to Which SuperX's Shall You Attend ? 12/8/2010 10:30 AM

What up peeps, Nealio here. Its been a while. I'm hittin A1. Going to meet up with SMITHMX201 for sure.

Reply to craigslist ad of the day: can a person really be this stupid? 7/22/2010 10:01 AM

I thought only cassette transmissions had powerbands on the gears? He must have done a tranny swap from Cannondale, so its obvious he has a LOT of money in this bad boy. Its probably worth at least 10 times what he wants for it.

Reply to Deegan vs Pingree 7/20/2010 10:58 AM

Yo Ghetto man!! Lets do dis baby!!!

Reply to Jeremy McGrath, Powder Mountain MX 8/31/2009 10:16 AM

"Rich Cain Memorial Single to Table" LOL

Reply to 2 Stroke vs 4 Stroke 3/23/2007 8:39 PM

If I had the choice, I'd go Wankel....

Reply to Kenda Tires 2/23/2007 11:40 AM

That's funny cuz I run Dunlop fronts and usually Michelin rears in the summer. I tried the new Dunlop 952 this year and it hooked up good on the pack and still lasted, which is my complaint about Dunlp and Bridgestone tires. I'm hopin the Kendas hold ... more »

New thread Kenda Tires 2/23/2007 9:49 AM

I'm kind of a tire snob, but I've heard a lot of good things about the Kenda tires. I bought a set of Millvilles (as the terrain here in Idaho looks to be just like Millville) and I'm going to try them out this weekend. Anyone else runnin the Kendas? ... more »

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Reply to MSR Reflex knee/shin guards 2/15/2007 11:20 AM

I think they probably won't fit me right, but I wish they would...

- Nealio