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Added reply in a thread mx vs atv all out 3/16/2018 3:36 PM

That looked awesome. For pure entertainment, I cannot wait. Split screen free riding, this game has it, split screen racing, this game has it, different vehicles, it has it, online play, it has it. I am happy to support both games; I am anxiously awaiting ... more »

Added reply in a thread mx vs atv all out 3/14/2018 6:25 PM

Honestly I care so much more about game play. A very pretty game with weak game play just will not get played. Hell, Mariokart is one of the most fun I have ever had with my buddies, the graphics are nothing like Forza 5, but damn, the gameplay is just ... more »

Added reply in a thread A Special Message from Mike Genova 3/14/2018 6:20 PM

Wow, that was a pretty cool statement, well earned and deserved. Congratulations to Brayton and the Entire MCR team, it truly is something special and you can see everyone there worked hard.

Added reply in a thread Anyone know of a cargo van for sale? 3/12/2018 4:07 AM

I have one, a 2008 Chevy Express Extended Cab, so it is the longer of the vans. It still has my Laser Skirmish business logo on it and will need a paint job as for some reason the white paint on the front of the van has literally peeled off in some spots. ... more »

Added reply in a thread Motoconcept Team and Honda 3/11/2018 4:46 PM

On the Pulpmx show they have mentioned this a few times. Steve has even said to other privateers to go in to the 450 class where they have a better chance of being competitive, as the upgrades on the factory teams put the bikes way over anything a privateer ... more »

Added reply in a thread 12 years 3 days ago 3/10/2018 9:31 AM

Ok, now you have to fill the rest of us in on what this is about!

Added reply in a thread Moto Art For The Office 3/8/2018 2:10 PM

brimx153, those are awesome. What is the size of the samples you listed and what size do you do? Do you sell them and do you do commission from photos?

Added reply in a thread Woah 3/8/2018 2:02 PM

Looked like a tree branch, may have been tied to the branch to keep it in place, the motorcycles then spooked it? I still wonder, when the horse is clearly visible from a distance in the video, they had to have seen it, why still ride up to it at that ... more »

Added reply in a thread Baker's Boys leading again 3/4/2018 7:44 AM

What bothers you more, that it is a couple of riders training with Baker or your rider being so far behind in points?

Added reply in a thread Alta Redshift MX - First Ride - GoPro & Opinion! 3/2/2018 5:42 PM

How does FMX feel on that bike, are the tricks any easier or any harder to do than on a gas bike?

Added reply in a thread That horrible 2018 Suzuki... 2/25/2018 4:48 AM

Seems like everyone reads way more in to the shootouts than there is. Almost everyone states that the bikes are all so close, that none of them are a bad bike. As people want rankings, then there is going to be a first and a last, you cannot really rate ... more »

Added reply in a thread Was there this many injuries in the 2 stroke days?? 2/25/2018 4:43 AM

Something to consider, in the 2 stroke days, it was 125's and 250's. No 500's, they were just too big and powerful for SX tracks. The 450's now are putting out the same HP as the 500's if not more. I am glad this thread was made, I was thinking the same ... more »

Added reply in a thread Roczen to Replace Emig in the booth for rest of SX? 2/25/2018 4:35 AM

Roczen was excellent in the both when it came to track insight and what what happening that is not obvious to the viewers. It helps being just removed from the racing itself. I would bet Jeff can do that as well as get more information to use during ... more »

Added reply in a thread Wheelie boy shot by cops! 2/25/2018 4:32 AM

You know with out question the bikes that were dropped and left there were stolen. Of course I would bet that most of the bikes overall were stolen. I really hope they do not just destroy those bikes, try to find the owners.

Added reply in a thread Whoop-de-do's ? 2/23/2018 11:19 AM

Can we get that track in MESX game or MX vs ATV?

Added reply in a thread Mt Rushmore of Vital 2/20/2018 5:32 PM

What ever happened to Big Lenny? I first saw his posts over at supercross.com when there was a forum there and I was not a member here. They shut down the forum so I came here and it seemed as chaotic with him here as it was there.

Added reply in a thread Triple jumps (safety discussion) 2/18/2018 6:33 AM

This is what Trey's company is supposed to do, go over track safety and be a liaison between the teams/riders and Feld. However Feld will not take it seriously unless Trey can get full buy in from the teams, if they insist that his company is used to ... more »

Added reply in a thread MESX Official Video Game question - need help 2/18/2018 5:33 AM

While it sucks you cannot do local multiplayer with the official SX game (weird right?) Next month MX vs ATV comes out and you CAN do local MP, both indoor and out. Just do not expect official AMA/FIM supercross tracks.

Added reply in a thread Pulp MX Fantasy (scores are up....) 2/13/2018 4:22 PM

I write code, I do IT Security for a living, and I agree with the above statement. They have created an awesome set up from scratch, and if you would have listened to the PulpMX show, you would know Marx is adding a ton of great features that we want. ... more »

Added reply in a thread The New Pulp MX App...anyone else having probs? 2/12/2018 6:07 PM

Mine launches, but I can never listen to a live PulpMX show non-stop. It always stops and will not play again, I have to close the app and re-open it in order to hear it again. After a few times I just stop and wait to listen the next day from google ... more »