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Added reply in a thread Deano bringing 2011 magic 5/21/2017 8:22 AM

Super pumped for how good deano did, he truly is a good guy and has a lot of good karma coming back his way.. ill never forget I was at Indiana sx 2 years ago and he was surrounded by girls giving autographs, so im thinkin ok im a guy who wants his autograph ... more »

Added reply in a thread Favorite RD5 moments/ races. 5/21/2017 8:19 AM

When he announced his retirement

Added reply in a thread 2016 crf450 5/11/2017 8:18 AM

Well I have a pretty wide range budget im just more/less interested in hearing what people have done to their bikes and what they recommend. That et3 replica looks beautiful!

Added reply in a thread Tyler Bowers SX Season 5/11/2017 8:01 AM

my point exactly, his fitness wasn't up to par in SX so when he goes outdoors he will be 10x worse. good point.

Added reply in a thread Deano will turn heads outdoors 5/11/2017 7:54 AM

He just has to make it through the first few races without going down and he will do fine! huge dean-o fan and he knows how to ride just has had terrible luck...

Added bike check Seavers's Setup 5/11/2017 7:07 AM
Started new thread 2016 crf450 5/11/2017 7:05 AM

Hey fellas, new to the site.... been riding for a few years now and although im not great im getting better each year and this year I decided to pull the plug and buy a left over 2016 Honda crf450.... just freshly broke it in and sittin g at 4 hours ... more »

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