Jeff Matiasevich 11

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General Info
Model Year: 1998
Brand: Kawasaki
Model: KX
Engine Size: 250
Engine Type: 2-Stroke
Graphics: Other. Misc.: LR Designs
Plastic: Polisport
Handlebar: Other. Misc.: CFT Handlebars
Grips: Renthal
Clutch Lever: Magura
Seat: Other
Footpegs: IMS
Shifter: MSR
Exhaust: Pro Circuit. Misc.: carbon
Clutch: Hinson
Piston: Vertex
Air Filter: Twin Air
Air Intake: Loudmouth MX
Engine Mods: Other. Misc.: V-Force / steahly flywheel weight
Triple Clamps: Applied. Misc.: modified
Fork: Showa. Misc.: tillit suspension
Rear Shock: Kayaba. Misc.: tillit suspension
Tires: Dunlop
Rims: Excel
Hubs: Talon
Sprockets: Renthal
Chain: DID
Brakes: Ride Engineering
Brake Pads: EBC
Brake Rotors: Driven
Oils/Lubes: Maxima
Brand: Kawasaki
Model: KX
Engine Size: 250
Engine Type: 2-Stroke

Vital MX member Stuart_Tranter Stuart_Tranter 7/4/2015 1:28 PM

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Man there is nothing like the smell of race gas at 7:30 in the morning!! One of my favorite memories of all time had to do with old Jeff "SLAP THE SHIT OUT OF DAMON BRADSHAW"Mataisovich. I was practicing out at Perris Races at one day and this guy by that time done with his career,was by far one of the fastest wide open mother fuckers I've ever seen behind the bars. This dare I say VET was so fast and so smooth it was unreal.Let's put it like this on the home straight was a big ugly roller about a 60ft gap and something like a table top the old Jeff decided worked better as a 4th gear double. THAT GUY IS FUCKIN SICK WITH IT!!!

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