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Added reply in a thread KTM clutch in a Japanese bike - is it possible? 6/27/2020 1:05 PM

I don't even understand this conversation. Are you slipping the clutch on a 4 stroke instead of downshifting? I still have the original clutch in my 05 RMZ450. Yes it chatters and is jumpy after 200+ hours but doesn't slip. I use it to go in and out ... more »

Added reply in a thread Anybody else find the GoPro Hero mystifying and tempermental? 6/27/2020 12:59 PM

I had one of the originals and loved it until it fell off the bike at TWS. This new one records 17 minutes only. Sometimes it will start back up and sometimes I have to reboot. There is not even a setting for this so who knows?

Added reply in a thread Leaving Mote due to injury, alternatives? 6/26/2020 2:53 PM

Road racing is hard to beat and easy on the body providing you don't hit the ground. I did that once and it is crazy how fast things happen. Lesson learned? Always check tire pressure on slicks. No fun when the front one goes down and you hit the rim ... more »

Added reply in a thread Thursday after Supercross at Glen Helen 6/26/2020 2:45 PM

Sweet bike!

Added reply in a thread Dieting/Training 6/26/2020 2:39 PM

These Docs can explain it better than I can verbalize it. Also study cruciferous vegetables. They release sulphur in the bloodstream to help kill pathogens and are easy on the insulin release + great vitamins and fiber. Almost everyone is sulphur deficient.

... more »

Added reply in a thread Congrats to the JGR Suzuki Team at SLC!! 6/26/2020 4:54 AM

It is good to see the yellow bikes out there, be a shame if they went away with their history being what it is. I would like to see CR finish out his career with JGR.

Added reply in a thread Dieting/Training 6/26/2020 4:43 AM

You also need to remember that muscle is much heavier than fat. Buy a $75 Tanita scale and check your body fat right before you go to sleep. Also, look at the carnivore diet for 30-60 days. Look up Dr. Shawn Baker on YouTube. He is a Dr. that is mid ... more »

Added reply in a thread Dieting/Training 6/23/2020 7:51 PM

IF 8/16 Grass fed steaks, clean chicken, fresh shell fish and cruciforous veg.

Added reply in a thread Chad Reed All-In for 2021? 6/22/2020 7:30 PM

You pretty much need to come back and give 100% for 17 rounds to keep your mind in it. If he did that and got in the top 15 overall, I would call that a win. Either way, it has been great watching him through the years.

Added reply in a thread Doesn’t sound like Bam is keen or confident about being Blu-Cru 6/22/2020 7:23 PM

I don't blame him. That chopper was sliding the front wheel everywhere.

Added reply in a thread Is Ralph okay? 6/22/2020 7:22 PM

Keep Daniel and Ricky and lose the rest. Throw Emig back in the booth and call it good. Diana D for interviews. Ralph is so Mute Worthy..

Added reply in a thread Stepping away from the sport (Average Joe edition) 6/22/2020 7:16 PM

It comes and it goes. If you sell everything, you don't make much money so better to keep it and look at it while drinking a beer in the garage. Eventually you will want to get back on and everything is the same as when you were dialed in and stopped. ... more »

Added reply in a thread What’s your favorite front tire? 6/21/2020 12:55 PM

Dunlop 752. Good luck finding any.

Added reply in a thread Classic Bike Review: 1998 Yamaha YZ400F 6/20/2020 11:28 AM

I had one of the first ones and it was like cheating, especially at Lake Whitney on the hill and long starting straight. You could pull in the clutch and rev it to scare guys into making mistakes in front of you for the lulz. But if you crashed or stalled ... more »

Added reply in a thread You're the first on the scene of an amateur racing accident what do you do? 6/20/2020 11:15 AM

I was one of the first at this major crash that knocked the rider out at Rio Bravo. I just turned off my camera but caught the aftermath. The crash was brutal. One guy was trying to remove his boots while he was unconscious. This is a good thread. ... more »

Added reply in a thread Rider you would most like to see win a race 6/13/2020 2:54 PM

A. Ray

Added reply in a thread British expat - where to ride and race in FL? 6/12/2020 4:46 PM

Lucky you, what an upgrade. I love that part of Florida, especially for scallop diving and fishing. I never brought the bikes there. If I ever left Texas, that is where I would go. You can buy a decent house that is not too expensive and walk out to ... more »

Added reply in a thread Kenny has Shingles now? 6/12/2020 4:22 PM

Is this the same as heat rash/ bumps?

Added reply in a thread First bike 6/12/2020 1:10 PM

KTM150 or 250 two stroke. Especially if you are decent at BMX. Less weight, more fun and it is best to learn on a 2 stroke and then move up to a 450 if you get good and become fast.

Added reply in a thread Ricky and Ralph Objectively 6/11/2020 4:41 PM

The mute button is my go to..