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General Info
Model Year: 2002
Brand: Yamaha
Model: YZ
Engine Size: 125
Engine Type: 2-Stroke
Engine Type: 2-Stroke
Graphics: Other. Misc.: R.Tade
Plastic: Acerbis
Handlebar: Renthal. Misc.: Windham Twinwall
Grips: Renthal. Misc.: Tapered Kevlar
Clutch Lever: Works Connection. Misc.: EZ123
Seat: Other. Misc.: MotoSeat
Exhaust: FMF. Misc.: Factory Fatty / Shorty
Piston: Wiseco. Misc.: Pro-Lite
Air Filter: Other. Misc.: No Toil
Engine Mods: Other. Misc.: 01/04 Powervalve Spring Mod
Triple Clamps: Pro Circuit
Fork: Kayaba
Rear Shock: Kayaba
Suspension Mods: Race Tech
Tires: Dunlop. Misc.: MX32
Rims: Excel
Hubs: RAD Mfg.
Sprockets: Renthal
Chain: DID. Misc.: ERT2Gold
Brakes: Nissin. Misc.: 03 Rear M/C
Brake Pads: Other
Brake Rotors: Other. Misc.: QTM 270mm
Oils/Lubes: Hondaline. Misc.: HP2 & Trans
Brand: Yamaha
Model: YZ
Engine Size: 125
Engine Type: 2-Stroke
Engine Type: 2-Stroke

Vital MX member alexk417 alexk417 3/10/2016 11:41 AM

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Did you have to make any adjustments to fit the factory fatty on there? I have an '04 and every site tells me the factory pipe won't fit.

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I actually got this pipe back in 2011 and I think they still had the factory finish available for the 02-04 at the time. So this pipe is specific to those years. I don't believe the factory finish is available any longer but I could be wrong. Check the FMF site, it's realtime with what they have available.

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Ahh okay, yeah it's not available any more. Yeah I really want that factory finish but it seems like they have stopped making them for any yz125 before '05. I appreciate it!

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