Edge sports rm 250 1

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General Info
Model Year: 2006
Graphics: Motopro Graphics
Plastic: Acerbis
Handlebar: Mika Metals
Grips: Other. Misc.: Emig lock on
Clutch Lever: Works Connection
Seat: Other
Footpegs: Other
Shifter: Other
Exhaust: Pro Circuit. Misc.: With stock silencer
Clutch: Hinson
Piston: Other
Air Intake: Moto Tassinari
Engine Mods: Other. Misc.: Edge sports racing cylinder and head mods, works transmission and crank, vforce reeds
Triple Clamps: Other
Fork: Showa. Misc.: Factory works Showa with offset axle placement
Rear Shock: Showa
Tires: Dunlop
Rims: Excel
Hubs: TCR. Misc.: Can't thank Troy at TCR for getting these done in a rush for the 2 stroke nationals
Sprockets: Other
Chain: Other
Brakes: Other. Misc.: Factory works brakes with stock rotors
Brake Pads: Other
Brake Rotors: Other
Oils/Lubes: Maxima
Additional Info: I want to thank Larry Brooks, Rodney smith, Al Posey , Josh Boykin, Dennis Stapleton , mxa Dr Jondy Cohen, and Ray Harold of Edge Sports Racing for helping build this bike

Vital MX member bmersk696 bmersk696 4/23/2017 6:48 AM

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Have you talked to Ray Harold lately at Edge? All I get is his voice mail. I was just wondering if everything is ok.

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