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Reply to 2017 MXON Bribery? 9/27/2016 3:55 PM

There is a "search this site" feature .... Just saying

Reply to Glen Helen MXoN Cancelled 9/27/2016 10:45 AM


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Reply to Anderson crash from another angle ... Warning! Graphic Video 9/26/2016 4:55 PM

Ooowwww I'm so glad he is"ok" after that one

Reply to Pro Contracts and Investments 9/26/2016 12:56 PM

Look who the Big Baller is now!!!!

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Reply to Braindead Fans Rushing The Track 9/26/2016 7:39 AM

why do you "euros" always say dumb shit like "You do know Europe is not a country. Right?" ????? Do you "Euro's" know that the US is a Republic of States? Just curious.

When he stated "Any Euro" that meant any ... more »

Reply to Something every American here needs to read! 9/25/2016 11:47 PM

When we deploy we receive eminent danger pay.... Which is an extra 225 dollars a month for getting shot at, blown up, and rocketed every day... Not a considerable amount more like you stated. I'm sure you would know that if you had deployed in the last ... more »

Reply to Drank the orange kool-aid 9/24/2016 10:22 PM

Sweet slide!!!!

Reply to Johnson, Bailey and O'Mara at Maggiora today... 9/24/2016 2:02 PM

So cool.... RJ is still my hero!!!! Watched the 86 nations video where Bailey narrates this morning... So good seeing these guys there!

Reply to anyone use polisport plastic? 9/23/2016 3:50 PM

I've noticed durability issues with Poli on my 06 KX250, the color and fit were excellent however I cracked the left radiator shroud with my leg.... No crash. Acerbis is good fitting and color and shine are great out of the box but are easily scratched ... more »

Reply to CL Find of the day. 2004 kx250 still in crate 9/21/2016 7:44 PM

I picked up my 06 in the crate 2 years ago for 3 grand.... For sure the dude is out of line with that price.

Reply to Hardest Baller on Vital? 9/19/2016 7:25 AM

I am married with children and I have the hardest blue.... errrrrrr nevermind

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Reply to Austin Forkner - 2016 MXGP of USA 9/18/2016 1:32 PM

I made it through appx 3.652 seconds before I had to turn it off


Reply to When will Roczen to Honda be officially announced? 9/13/2016 4:04 PM

forget roczen to honda...I still want to know what that box was on the side of Tomacs Cylinder during the nationals!

Reply to HRC employee at Glen Helen 9/12/2016 12:03 PM

im pretty sure they aren't standing up for any one.... join the military and get a couple deployments under your belt, grab a rifle and stand post, put on a badge and walk a beat, join the fire department and then maybe they can say they are "standing ... more »

Reply to HRC employee at Glen Helen 9/12/2016 4:34 AM

I was going to ask the same thing!

Reply to 94 - 51 drama 9/11/2016 2:51 PM

Canadian military though....

I kid I kid ... more »

Reply to Vital's Dynamic Duo 9/11/2016 10:30 AM

Reply to 94 - 51 drama 9/11/2016 10:26 AM

Some of us have to keep the traditions going around here.... Don't think many even know what we are doing when we throw out a bear or two anymore!!!

Reply to Pro Circuit is the.... 9/10/2016 8:35 AM

And that's why I'm a pro circuit guy 25 years and counting!