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Liked a comment about feature Two-Stroke vs. Four-Stroke: KTM 150 SX vs. KTM 250 SX-F 3/31/2020 12:14 PM

250 2 stroke vs 350 4 stroke. If they won't let us have equal displacement, then let's see how close these 2 are.

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Liked a comment about feature Cooksey, Straight To The Point: Teammates Who Despise Each Other 4/3/2019 9:51 AM

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Liked a comment about feature Vital MX Pit Bits: Atlanta 3/4/2019 2:44 PM

Not wanting to bash anyone with this comment but I have been noticing less and less "tech" content in the Pit Bits. I used to come to see factory bike close-ups, details, technology but I feel like lately, this has been giving way to more practice/riding shots.

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Liked a comment about feature Ryno Power Rundown: How, When, and Why 12/22/2018 3:08 PM

No offense Klinger, but there's no such thing as supplements specifically made for a sport and because of that Ryno Power is far from being one of the biggest players in the supplement industry.

It's popular in moto because of its connection with Ryan Hughes and the fact that they sponsor quite a few riders. If it wasn't associated with moto there's a high likelihood that you wouldn't even have heard of it.

MuscleTech, ON/Optimum Nutrition, BSN, Universal Nutrition, Gaspari Nutrition, CytoSport, etc. are all way bigger names than Ryno Power will ever be.

I'm not saying they don't have good products, I'm simply saying that they aren't high up on the list of top companies in the supplement industry.

Doing a little more research before writing/posting an article wouldn't hurt.

Also, I'm sure the company would appreciate a direct link to their website. In this case, Ryno Power.

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