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Added reply in a thread Buying bike private 6/30/2020 6:02 PM

Call me picky.... but I have always had a funny feeling about a pic of a bike, or car, that has the ground wet around it. I know, you just gave it a rinse.... But, damn it, don't show me that you just washed it for the pic. Show me it cleaned up and ... more »

Added reply in a thread Private sale gone South 6/30/2020 3:01 PM

This right here. Little bastard just wants some cash back. If you were to even touch the bike, being an honest human being, people like like this dude would look for the "and now you jacked this up, I'm gonna need......." He had the bike for 5 or so ... more »

Added reply in a thread PC or GYTR kit for my YZ 125 6/28/2020 6:01 PM

R&D is the only place you need to call. Dean can build to suit your needs/wants...... His work, and legacy, are second to nobody.

Added reply in a thread Pressure wash without plastics 6/26/2020 4:06 PM

If a plastic grocery bag does its best to haul home a few cans of veggies, do you really think its tough enough to stand a 1700-2200 psi blast from a pressure washer? Think about that for a spell........

Added reply in a thread Unaddressed Power Washer question? 6/16/2020 8:13 PM

Don't waste your money..... Batt life isn't much, pressure is damn near equal to a strong, drunken piss.......

Added reply in a thread When was the RM85 last updated? 6/12/2020 2:40 PM

Looks like it's wearing all the DRZ bodywork. Like the 2nd radiator as well, great looking mini! Anyone know who rides/rode this? Love to see more pics of it

Added reply in a thread Kenny has Shingles now? 6/12/2020 1:38 PM

My Mother went through a spell fighting those damn things. At the time, she was in her early 60's, and said it was the most horrible pain she had ever been through. Her words, "child birth was easier than this...."

Added reply in a thread Salt Lake City 4 Supercross - Night Show Bench Racing 6/10/2020 4:39 PM

I'm watching this on NBCSN through our local provider, and it's halfway close to having nothing. Constantly freezing up, haven't been able to watch any of the Covid Cross events longer than 3 mins without freeze up/loss of signal. Yet, commercials are ... more »

Added reply in a thread When was the RM85 last updated? 6/9/2020 8:11 AM

Yep, 2002. Millsaps rode the prototype, or "testing mule" as early as 2000. Needs a major overhaul......

Added reply in a thread This is embarrassing 6/7/2020 5:34 PM

Just erased my initial response... I just can't bash this much as it might be deserving, I just can't do it. I'm getting old guys....... Not you Team Green, you're state of the art. The OP, well....

Added reply in a thread yamaha dt125r 5/29/2020 8:27 PM

That bike is beyond cool...... Damn shame it isn't for sale here.

Added reply in a thread Dave Miller 5/25/2020 5:31 PM

Dave was incredible. I only spoke to the man maybe a dozen times in my life, but every time my mind was blown by how brilliant he came across, all in a humble fashion. The last time we talked was a while back, and he was discussing a possible project ... more »

Added reply in a thread Remember when? 5/25/2020 5:10 PM

I'm the type that is appreciative for whatever it is that I matter what circumstance it applies to. I honestly didn't think we would see SX return this year, but was hopeful we could at least see some Moto by the end of the year. Our entire ... more »

Added reply in a thread Bobby Hewitt/Rockstar 4/27/2020 3:46 PM

Met Bobby over a decade ago, really cool guy, straight shooter. At the time, they were on yellow, and he had JMart on his amateur squad to give you an idea...... Anyway, to me it's a very safe bet to say nothing out of line has happened, just legit business. ... more »

Added reply in a thread FB Marketplace Ad of the Day 4/24/2020 2:45 PM

I was sold at the old motorhome, econoline, and 3 wheeler strewn about the yard......

Added reply in a thread Roast my custom graphics kit? 4/16/2020 6:58 PM

Wear it, or ride it, with pride...... If you wake up the next morning after a good time, and can still half-ass smile at it, you'll probably be ok. In short, if you like it, that is all that matters.

Added reply in a thread Stepping out of my norm, Vintage TM Suzuki 4/9/2020 3:42 PM

Ty, that RM 100 is badass. I would love to have that sitting in my shop...... Newman, you'll do an excellent job. I know it's not your usual flavor, but your work needs no intro. Make her slick again.....

Added reply in a thread Anyone running a blacked out YZ250F/YZ450F ala Star/Wilvo/Monster? 4/1/2020 7:16 AM

I agree that your bike looks fantastic, but that last pic is priceless!

Added reply in a thread KX60 2004?? 3/24/2020 2:08 PM

Team Green sent me a batch of them when they were first released, late 82. I had just turned 9 at Ponca, my last race on Pee Wee's. I saw the new 83 KX's on display, and watched Hank Moree literally run away with the Mod 60 class on a pre-pro KX60....that ... more »