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Added reply in a thread Canadian Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series | MX Tour | Round 6 - Riverglade MX, NB 7/27/2019 11:24 AM

Let’s go Phil. Time to not get second.

Added reply in a thread Canadian Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series | MX Tour | Round 4 - Gopher Dunes, ON 7/13/2019 7:52 PM

Lol Phil. The king of second place. He is doing awesome but has to be like wtf already when do I get a break.

Added reply in a thread Live broadcast opinion (USA Channel) 5/4/2019 8:11 PM

So far I find it weird. I don’t like the fact I can hear the announcer in the back the runtime time. Plus it almost sounded at one point there was a “live read” about something.

Started new thread Hot take from the weekend. Dylan’s chick. 3/31/2019 3:12 PM

Forget everything else but how about his girl. She was coming in hot dressed how she was with the short shorts and just looking good. He has already won the championship. .......

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Added reply in a thread How does Alessi do this weekend? 3/2/2019 10:28 PM

I am a Mike Alessi fan. I am happy he did decent it shows how good he is to just walk into s series and get s respectable result. This beijg said seeing how good he is I always expected more from him in Canada.

Added reply in a thread Smooth move Bowers. 2/17/2019 12:40 PM

I am a bowers fan and based on the takeout I don’t disagree on the do if that is why it happened. That being said bowers comes off as a bully and acts like a chick emotionally off the track. He does not apologize for anything and makes excuses for everything. ... more »

Added reply in a thread Smooth move Bowers. 2/16/2019 8:38 PM

Let’s be real supercross should thank bowers for moves like that. I think what is even more funny is they dq bowers then cut to a clip of osbourne smashing savatgy into 2020.

Started new thread Can we get breece fresh gear? 2/2/2019 8:34 PM

Not sure who his gear company is but come on man.

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Added reply in a thread Baggett last night 1/27/2019 2:26 PM

Oh he did say he got tired? I did not get to see the interviews. And yeah there is plenty of racing left to go especially how this season has been going but I hope he can just stay consistent at the front. I still wish he was a little closer in points ... more »

Started new thread Baggett last night 1/27/2019 2:06 PM

Unless I saw wrong I think he went from tenth place to third in the main event and I am pretty sure if there was more time he could have won that race. It’s to bad he is far back now in points

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Added reply in a thread Dortmund SX.. Breece not at Glendale . 1/13/2019 11:03 AM

So is bowers the champ now?

Added reply in a thread Tyler Evans rm250 for sale on CL 1/12/2019 6:44 AM

Sick looking bike

Added reply in a thread Spoke with my wallet..HELP!!! 1/9/2019 3:13 PM

I’m no expert by any means at all but it’s winter time where you live right now and even though it’ fuel injected it still may be hard to start some. It’s a four stroke my bike some times would start in a few kicks then sometime be a pain. Also you have ... more »

Added reply in a thread Indoor stationary bikes 12/14/2018 5:54 AM

I just use my road bike with a cheap fluid trainer and peloton on my iPad. I love peloton they also added running and boot camp stuff plus other types of workouts to it. I would love to have one of their bikes but it's a joke what they cost That's good ... more »

Added reply in a thread Steve and Ralphs Pow Wow 11/4/2018 1:56 PM

Ralph is awsome and 99 percent of the time he does a great job. If anyone deserves catching shit it's Ricky. I honestly don't know why people care so much about the. Commentary.

Added reply in a thread Deano Out At Rockstar Husky 9/28/2018 7:32 PM

This sucks for dean. I agree his results have not been great but dude has had injuries and so on. He came into supercross looking good and got hurt. I still think he deserves a chance if he can stay healthy. Like everyone else said. He is now top of ... more »

Added reply in a thread Rockstar Energy Triple Crown - SX Tour, Round 2 Delaware 9/22/2018 6:13 PM

Thanks for the link. Man the lighting on that track is horrible

Added reply in a thread Montreal Supercross Returns 9/15/2018 8:00 PM

Awsome for mookie. This year there should be no excuses now that he has a ride.

Added reply in a thread Hauling bike with prius 9/15/2018 7:48 PM

Yeah do not get a hitch hauler for a car. It's not that the car can't haul it it's the fact it would be scraping everything on the road. Get a small rail trailer and it will pull that no problem at all. If you don't have a lot of space leave the fenders ... more »

Added reply in a thread Road Bikes That won't break the bank 9/6/2018 6:33 PM

How much are you trying to spend exactly? If you think you will be into it just save money and buy something decent. A lot of brand new bikes are on sale right now. Anythijg name brand all cost pretty much the same for the most part depending on components. ... more »