Kx250 5

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General Info
Model Year: 2001
Plastic: Polisport
Handlebar: Renthal
Grips: Pro Grip
Seat: SDG
Exhaust: Pro Circuit
Piston: Wiseco
Fork: Kayaba
Chain: DID
Brake Pads: EBC
Oils/Lubes: Klotz
Additional Info: Still in process of ordering parts and powder coating.

Vital MX member greengoblin83 greengoblin83 5/18/2017 3:47 PM

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Need to post more pics! I'm guessing your talking rad hoses?
What colour are you doing the linkage and swing arm??

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Yea I am . Only pictures I had on my phone for now. The water cool hoses and carb hose. Was thinking blue since the fork clamp is blue. The swing arm and linkage is ginna be satin black. Was thinking doing the linkage candy lime green but I think he already powder coated them.

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yeah nice...
I reckon blue would look rad, or the old school kx purple but I doubt you'd find that colour..
How much did you pay for powdercoating out of curiosity, I've been thinking about getting some done on my yz but have never gone as far as talking to powdercoater or doing any research..

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I had fork tubes done for 40 and the swing arm , linkage for $60. . I post them when I get them back and installed . hopfully this weekend.. and about to start rebuilding rear shock. First time so hope it turns out good.

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Yeah nice.... I've never thought about doing fork tubes they look rad.!.. my mate has a 99 - bucket of shit he doesn't care about whatsoever just rides it and thinks reoiling the air filter every now and then is adequate maintenance, I rebuilt it for him for nothing - lesson learned, don't work on other people's bikes especially when they don't appreciate it... looking forward to seeing more pics. Good luck with the rear shock, I've never touched suspension, need to learn but, my left fork seal is leaking like a siv after every ride, the weather is to good here at the moment to tear her down though, until it feels bad I'm sure she'll be right mate(atleast I hope)!
RIP #69 Nicky Hayden

You would know,
That plastic powervalve cover usually has a little rubber boot under it hey???
His never had one and when I was putting it back together I had a feeling something was missing, there's no way it would stay open like that one good ride in the mud and it would not be good.

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