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Added reply in a thread MTB marketing for MOTO? 11/14/2020 12:36 AM

Sadly a few years back Canadian DH Pro Stevie Smith lost his life from a moto accident. #longlivechainsaw

Added reply in a thread FXR gear 8/21/2020 4:30 PM

That red/black and yellow kit looks pretty awesome, my kid is already hounding me about wanting it....lol

Added reply in a thread Are moto sales booming? 7/1/2020 11:05 PM

My buddy owns a bicycle shop, and there is almost a global shortage of bikes in almost all price ranges and parts are so scarce. It’s absolutely crazy.

Added reply in a thread 100 percent Armega Goggle 5/20/2020 6:32 PM

I would say for sure that the Armega handles not fogging up allot better then Airbrakes. My son races arenacross which runs during the winter months, which can get pretty cold at in the night shows. I have Airbrakes and would let him use them as his ... more »

Added reply in a thread Canadian Rockstar Energy Triple Crown Series Postponed (Updated: 07-10-20) 4/3/2020 4:54 PM

It won’t be a shock if all of the June rounds are cancelled. Which will suck big time.

Added reply in a thread Dirt Bike Prices 3/23/2020 9:39 AM

I feel like the 08 recession is going to seem like a little speed bump compared to the mountain sized one that’s coming right now. I was about a week away from buying a new bike and I’m very thankful I didn’t buy it when I was going too.

Added reply in a thread Freestone Cancelled 3/18/2020 12:03 AM

Yeah I can’t imagine sending an ambulance out to a track to pick up an injured ride because of a race with all this virus stuff going on would make them too happy. Personally I was excited thinking might have some time to ride with my son, and they quickly ... more »

Added reply in a thread Freestone Cancelled 3/17/2020 2:42 PM

With everything that’s going on I was surprised it was still on to begin with.

Added reply in a thread Nooooooo...Motocross too??? 3/17/2020 1:37 PM

All this “hide in your house” stuff is to lower the infection curve and slow things down do the medical system can try to handle this and not crash. It’s not stopping it from happening.

Added reply in a thread More SX Cancellations 3/15/2020 12:00 PM

I just post this for you to quickly read and let it sink in.

Added reply in a thread Dylan Ferrandis...... 3/14/2020 8:55 AM

I think KTM will add a third bike and go after Dylan.

Added reply in a thread 2020 SX Season Officially Postponed 3/13/2020 3:21 PM

Nevada hasn’t cancelled large groups “YET”, that can change fast depending on how this plays out.

Added reply in a thread Seattle Supercross Cancelled...to be rescheduled 3/11/2020 5:20 PM

It’s already 10x worse than the flu. Just compare the mortality rates. Which I think is now as high as 6% in Italy.

Added reply in a thread Pepsi buying Rockstar for $3.85B 3/11/2020 9:30 AM

I’m wondering if Wendy’s is part of that group too? In my area allot of the Tim Hortons share a building with a Wendy’s.

Added reply in a thread Yamaha is introducing a new 2-stroke!!! 3/10/2020 10:01 AM

The only thing Arctic Cat had to do with that snowbike was applying the stickers....lol As you said it was a Sherco bike with a Camso kit. Would be awesome to see them actually build a snowbike with that 400cc 2-stroke motor though.

Added reply in a thread 2020 ktm 85 jetting 3/9/2020 10:58 AM

You’re running C12 in a stock 85?

Added reply in a thread Yamaha XTRIG ROCS. 20/22 Yamaha Neken air clamps 25 2/27/2020 10:28 PM

Did these xtrigs ever sell? If not I’d like to buy them asap.

Added reply in a thread Any word on Forkner and the PC camp? 12/6/2019 10:25 PM

While I can’t say I don’t completely disagree, you still have to finish the series to be able to win it. Sexton won it fair and square, you can’t take that away.

Added reply in a thread 2020 Canadian Rockstar Triple Crown Schedule 12/3/2019 8:24 AM

The AX rounds in Abbotsford were a mess because the organizers didn’t want to pay for good DRY dirt! Period.

Added reply in a thread Savatgy on JGR/Suzuki? 11/21/2019 2:44 PM

I encourage everyone to go listen to the latest RacerX podcast with Joey, it just got put up today. It’s a good listen and makes me respect Joey allot more too.