Need Help. Yz85 jetting issues!!!

hello all so I recently just picked up a 05 yz 85.  Has stock jetting I just changed plug , air filter , and cleaned carb.   Stock pilot stock main and needle clip is in middle position. I had it in 2nd position but bike was very boggish if you chopped throttle hard from idle. Bike idles fine. I played with air screw nothing really. Bike barely smoked I moved clip to middle and bike smoked alot but ran a little better low end wot is great no break ups or sputtering at all. Just right off idle.  Very baaaaahhhhh then opens right up like a bat out of hell.  Once I moved clip to fenter I played with air screw bog went away completely now but the air screw is adjusted all the way in.  What is the issue here any help would be greatly appreciated. Im familiar with jetting someone but just need a little guidance if possible. Thanks all. 

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C50_img_20170104_204230_1486306992 kx450kid13 2/23/2017 12:58 PM

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