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Gavin Faith

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It's so sad to hear another rider has passed thoughts go out to the family... I would say that the only person that can make that call should be yourself with some family input and opinion. I lost my sister in 2011 and I took a year off and wanted nothing ... more »

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Very cool to see! took me over ten months to get behind a starting gate after I lost my little sister. Its awesome to see them staying so positive!

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Crappy phone picture but my 2005 when I first got it for $1,500 in 2011. still had stock plastics, graphics and hardly any wear on frame or cases.

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Should be in Answer gear just like Star Yamaha, MSR is focusing on the off road racing side, Answer will be the motocross side of the company. There was a write up about it a month or so back I don't remember where though

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So is this there "Team" gear or are they going to start wearing different color ways like the rest of the teams? I've never been a fan of the team gear wearing the same stuff EVERY weekend. Anyone have any idea??

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That's my cousins bike he just finished here in IA. 2004 KX265, bike was blown up when he bought it, turned out

... more »

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... more »

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He is working with Baker this year, I think he will be better than he ever has. just watch.

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Pretty sad to hear, prayers to his family... I know how hard these situations are I lost my little sister Isabell in 2011 when we where at Ponca. This is something I wish no family ever had to go through. Ride In Peace Devin

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Gavin Faith would be my pick. He and his family are really nice people, we ran a track and had a money race the year he started going to MTF I believe 09 or 10, but after the races where over he and his dad came and thanked my family for the money that ... more »

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Here is my 2005 Before and after, love mine! ... more »

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Not sure who makes them but in guessing they are made of plywood. Particle board is shitty stuff and a pain to work with. My dad makes custom cabinets and in our shop we have some very similar just not painted, ours are clear coated, they look good.

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Justin Barcia could bring it home for monster... They haven't released it yet but he is sponsored by them... he won it 2 years ago

Updated bike check 2005 KX250 4/8/2014 1:42 PM
Updated bike check 2005 KX250 4/8/2014 1:41 PM
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Thanks! i've always loved the green frames so i couldnt resist when i was building this! bike is like new still stock clutch and plastic graghic stock clutch and ignition covers look almost new still as well. i was 12 when i made this so never really ... more »

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My 2005 kx250 built in 2011. crapy picture was taken with phone.