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Started new thread N2Dirt suspension 3/5/2020 7:12 PM

I sent my shock to them to be revalved and just want to give a shout out to great customer service and communication! Brian explained everything he was doing and what I should expect. I have a Husky FC450 and got the link he sells made by Luxon. He first ... more »

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Added reply in a thread Can KTM Skirt AMA’s Homologation Rules with GASGAS? 3/4/2020 12:49 PM

They could if they want to. It would be a great test bed for Husky/KTM.

Added reply in a thread Eddie Sanders 3/4/2020 9:39 AM

Some of those are gold lol!

Added reply in a thread Roczen..........Yellow Flag 3/3/2020 5:17 AM

After investigating, the race was a SX in Atlanta, Ga. (which is in the U.S.) so it's allowed.

Added reply in a thread Josh Hill - GREAT RIDE 3/2/2020 9:22 AM

I would like to see him on a Star Yamaha to see what he could do.

Added reply in a thread ATL Post-Race Press Conference 3/2/2020 8:03 AM

I heard GL use it on the whisky throttle show. Probably not good to use it, but damn people are so sensitive now.

Added reply in a thread Jeffrey Herlings 3/2/2020 7:56 AM

Dungey was quite successful using this strategy.

Added reply in a thread Paging Peely..... 3/1/2020 6:45 AM

I was impressed with him.

Added reply in a thread Traditional grips VS Lock-on grips 2/28/2020 11:52 AM

I've heard people say they are harder than traditional grips, but they are the exact same on the throttle side. It seems only the clutch side could be harder, so it may just be the rubber compound. I have a set of soft half-waffle ODI grips to try. I've ... more »

Added reply in a thread New GASGAS pics? 2/28/2020 5:14 AM

Those things with gold wheels like the 80s Hondas would be sharp.

Added reply in a thread KTM or Husky gas tank leak 2/27/2020 1:52 PM

It looks like someone sprayed carb cleaner on them or something. I replaced the tank filter on mine and they looked good, but I have always ran non-ethanol mixed with a little race gas.

Added reply in a thread KTM 4 stroke guys tell me what this is used for 2/24/2020 9:21 AM

I had a bad filter just like yours. I wonder just how many pumps have been replaced when it was the filter. Notice the filter was made in Turkey, while the ones that seem to last are made in Austria.

Added reply in a thread Fill Ins? Who’s even worthy? 2/24/2020 7:15 AM

Alex Ray to Kawasaki

Added reply in a thread Fill Ins? Who’s even worthy? 2/24/2020 7:14 AM

drop the mic

Added reply in a thread KYB insert vs Cone Valve 2/24/2020 5:19 AM

I did this with my Cones. The piston is already there, you just remove cone and cone adapter and replaces with mid-valve stack like a KYB. It's like having an A-Kit KYB because you have all the coatings and very similar internals. But saying this, I ... more »

Added reply in a thread ARay 2/15/2020 3:18 PM

I just got off the phone with his dad and he is going to try to ride but is pretty banged up. He said don’t expect much tonight.

Added reply in a thread What's Tomac's WORST finish the rest of the way? 2/14/2020 12:02 PM

Anybodys guess

Added reply in a thread Visiting Monster Mountain, Alabama. A Pictorial. 2/14/2020 9:08 AM

May be heading there this weekend! We went to Mill Creek last weekend another great track in Alabama. It's about 4 1/2 hours from here in TN to MM and 3 1/2 to Mill Creek.

Added reply in a thread Gary Jones not happy with His Bikes & memorabilia being sold without his Permission? 2/12/2020 10:20 AM

I love the picture of the Elsinore with the red cylinder. Look close and you can see the reed valve setup he had back in the mid 70s. My buddy had one of those setups and it was very fast for the day.

Started new thread Hannah pic 2/5/2020 6:48 PM

From the Florida Winter series 86 or 87. My son and Hannah.

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