1988 KDX 200 2

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General Info
Model Year: 1988
Graphics: Other
Plastic: Other
Handlebar: Tag
Grips: Renthal
Clutch Lever: ASV
Brake Lever: ASV
Seat: Other
Footpegs: IMS
Shifter: IMS
Exhaust: Other
Clutch: Other
Piston: Other
Ignition: Other
Air Filter: Other
Air Intake: Moto Tassinari
Triple Clamps: Other
Suspension Mods: Race Tech
Tires: Michelin
Brakes: Other
Brake Pads: EBC
Brake Rotors: Other
Oils/Lubes: Kal-Gard
Additional Info: My trusty race bike. 1988 KDX 200.

Vital MX member mxbrian15 mxbrian15 2/21/2017 12:42 PM

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Good to see an older bike being raced, and not the typical choice either. How did you come by the KDX? Were you looking for one specifically or have you just had it for years?

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Thanks. The KDX is kinda a legendary off-road bike, and is popular for a woods bike as they turn so good. It's the same bike my dad raced back in the 80's winning A class championships. Have had this one for about 6 years and rebuilt it from the ground up.

Evolution class racing is about as fun as it gets. Old bikes, not much HP, and no brakes = lots of momentum. I can actually run with and beat a lot of the modern bikes in the woods, which is just icing on the cake.

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