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Added reply in a thread Mini Os Drama 11/25/2020 1:07 PM

Buys they’re graphics and same products to make it look like he has a “ride” from them lol

Added reply in a thread Denny Stephenson Is Gone Missing 11/22/2020 7:34 AM

Prayers for Denny and his family, hoping for the best!!!

Added reply in a thread Broc Tickle to MCR 11/15/2020 5:13 PM

Wiemers girl was smashin Izzi too back in the day.

Added reply in a thread Broc Tickle to MCR 11/15/2020 5:11 PM

No he won’t lol

Added reply in a thread Mumford to ML512 Chaparral team ? 11/8/2020 9:38 PM

In MLs post, he’s states that they were able to test with Carson. He didn’t say anything about signing Carson, or Carson being signed to his team. ML just said they tested with Carson.

Added reply in a thread Silly Season... 11/7/2020 2:21 AM

Jo reminds me of Pourcel or Windham out on the track. He’s soooo smooth, it’s unbelievable. I saw him ride at Pala quite a few times during his last amateur year in 2019, and his smooth style and technique is badass.

Added reply in a thread Silly Season... 11/7/2020 2:07 AM

Hopefully Drake lands a ride, he had a pretty decent rookie season. Didn’t set the world on fire, but it wasn’t a bad season for him by any means. But man the TLD team has become what Star Yamaha was 8-12years ago, just burning a bunch of riders with ... more »

Added reply in a thread Havoc Pit Bike Takeout!! 10/28/2020 12:11 PM

The planet of pitbike racing. That’s how all pitbike races are, full of takeouts. No protests tho lol

Added reply in a thread 2021 Numbers 10/23/2020 12:18 PM

The last 2 riders that ran #13 were jessy Nelson and colt Nichols. I wouldn’t want to run that number either.

Added reply in a thread Craig on the new stat racing bike 10/21/2020 8:20 PM

Who fuckin cares?? Are you paying his bills to go to the 450? These 250 comments are annoying, you aren’t the first to notice or say it. Do you have a solution that’ll change the bike he’s riding?

Added reply in a thread So how is Jett more professional? 10/11/2020 10:12 PM

On Matthes observations on racerx he asked quiet a few team managers and other team personnel what they thought of the dog on the podium and most of them thought it was lame and not cool. Take it for what you want, but most of the people he asked about ... more »

Added reply in a thread J. Martin going somewhere? 10/7/2020 12:21 AM

Jo has had better results then Mumford and has more potential imo. Jo’s style reminds me a lot of Pourcel, very smooth and smart with his line choice. Sucks hearing about Geico, it leaves a big void with riders and team personnel jobless. What happens ... more »

Added reply in a thread Jettson v Coop 10/4/2020 9:12 AM

Bringing a dog up on the podium is begging for attention and was pretty lame imo. You do realize Jetson just turned 16 yrs old when he did the doughnut thing? That was also pretty lame, but he was 16 and not 23. Cooper may beat him next year for a title, ... more »

Added reply in a thread New look for my TC125 need input. 9/26/2020 10:22 PM

#3 all day for me. The white rear end and white seat cover with the red accents look dope!!

Added reply in a thread Thrasher Pulls out of Millville 9/18/2020 6:52 PM

Yaa but it’s also not called “Thor Star Racing Yamaha” with Thor being part owner of the team.

Added reply in a thread Let’s see your favorite older body style Yamaha’s 9/18/2020 2:47 AM

Is that YOT bike from the US Open in ‘05? I don’t remember them running a black frame and swingarm at any of races in ‘06. YOT ran totally different graphics in ‘06 with the dragon not nearly as big as it is in this picture. Maybe this was from the US ... more »

mxshawn454 left a comment 9/13/2020 7:32 AM

Hey man, shoot me a dm when you get this

Added reply in a thread J Mart to GasGas? 9/12/2020 2:48 AM

JMart raced the first 3 450 supercross races in 2018 and hovered around the top 10, on a real supercross track and not Daytona.

Added reply in a thread Cooksey interviews Aldon Baker. 9/9/2020 12:31 PM

Yup, I believe James didn’t have his Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE) paperwork filed correctly or filed on time to use it even tho he had a prescription for it.