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Reply to Bultaco bikes and more 2/3/2018 6:19 PM

Sweet stuff, nice little collection.

Reply to Reeds 2015 KX450 1/27/2018 9:40 PM

Yep, can't come close to making that stretch. ... more »

Reply to Doesnt this look like James? 1/10/2018 6:32 AM

Don't listen to all of these poser knucleheads, it's one of the best kept secrets out there or at least was, please keep it on the DL. He's been running different numbers, wearing different clothing, gaining and losing weight and even using different ... more »

Reply to RELAX AND WIN, anyone got a copy? 1/7/2018 6:49 PM

Wish I still had my old copy. "Relax, easy breaths, the moisture in your mouth just right, not too dry and not too moist" ....... or something similar, good stuff.

Reply to 2018 Vital MX Supercross Forum Fantasy League 1/6/2018 8:58 PM

Really don't give a shit. Saw others posting an hour before me and 9pm PST cutoff but missed the January 5th part on the first page. Wasn't planning on playing the fantasy dealio but when i looked at the site tonight decided to do so, no biggie. Does ... more »

Reply to 2018 Vital MX Supercross Forum Fantasy League 1/6/2018 6:49 PM

Eli Tomac - 450 Tier A Justin Barcia- 450 Tier B Tyler Bowers- 450 Tier C Ben Lamay- fill-in rider from 450 Tier C Justin Hill - 250 Tier A Adam Cianciarulo - 250 Tier A Chase Sexton - 250 Tier B Kyle Chisholm - 250 Tier B Justin Cooper - fill-in rider ... more »

Reply to 14 Days is plenty of time. 1/3/2018 8:04 AM

Hopefully he does like the steel frame and characteristics of the new white bike. Thinking that it's going to be a cure all for all that he needs to run up front consistently just might be stretching it though. He has continued to put himself behind ... more »

Reply to 14 Days is plenty of time. 1/3/2018 7:40 AM

... more »

Reply to JS7 press conference time? 12/29/2017 10:06 PM

Former FMOTP with the unrivaled ability to carry speed through corners and whoops. Damn glad I got to see him progress from minicycle legend to multi time champion. Absolutely one of the best ever to twist a throttle. The end comes for all of the heros ... more »

Reply to Grand parents busted before Christmas 12/29/2017 8:32 AM

Geez, a human nose probably could have smelled that from across the median in the lanes going the opposite direction. Hauling that much without even attempting to hide the smell in proper containers was just asking for trouble. Stopped for a traffic ... more »

Reply to Spoke with my wallet.....again and again 12/22/2017 8:58 PM

Congrats and sweet bikes, keep on smokin!

Reply to Vital MX Poll: How many Supercross races will Ken Roczen win in 2018? 12/22/2017 9:58 AM

If he lines up at every event and finishes at least 13 events I'm thinking he's gonna be on the top step at least 4 times. If he gets on a roll the only thing that will stop him will be how hard he hits the ground.

Reply to How do u get your arthritis relief? 12/21/2017 7:06 PM

You can always get empty capsules at your pharmacy. My wife and I use some essential oils and we make our own "morphine bomb" for pain in these empty capsules. You can look it up on the internet or I can get the info on those ingredients if needed. Also, ... more »

Reply to USS Hornet and Iowa 12/21/2017 6:18 AM

Sweet post. Not your everyday floater. Those bad boys could inflict a whole bunch of damage in a hurry. Hearing protection required but I'm not sure how much good it would do.

Reply to First Lady GONE!!!! 12/15/2017 9:14 PM


Reply to Reed 2018 Support Thread-Official 12/15/2017 1:31 PM

Isn't that when is more dangerous to win now days though? He's his own worst enemy and sometimes the adversity is what he seems to need.

Reply to 32,000 pounds of ruined BBQ 12/13/2017 6:53 AM

Hell no

Reply to Triple Dog Dare 12/10/2017 10:11 PM

That's some funny stuff. The possibilities for that idea are endless.

Reply to 10 years ago 12/3/2017 10:16 AM

Lol, lots of monkey blood and greasy shredded bell bottoms. Good times.

Reply to Radar Detector 12/3/2017 10:06 AM

I'm not on the road as much as I used to be but have always had good luck with Escort brand. I think their new top of the line models come with a 1 year paid ticket guarantee.