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Added reply in a thread Mini-O's SX Championship Drama 11/26/2017 9:57 AM

Both my kids run high school cross country. The timing and scoring people that show up have the wire under the finish line AND have a camera that records the finish line. The kids wear a chip (an RFID tag) that they lace on their shoe. If there is ever ... more »

Added reply in a thread Mini-O's SX Championship Drama 11/26/2017 5:17 AM

If it doesn't matter, why does Team Green "sign" AC, Austin Forkner, or Jett Reynolds as amateurs? Reynolds has been racing for Team Green as an amateur since his 65 days. This year he was riding, 85, super mini and schoolboy at the mini o's. Why did ... more »

Added reply in a thread The Ronnie Mac effect 11/20/2017 10:43 AM

For the love of good grammar, You knew something was up when you "saw" the dust on the bottles.

Added reply in a thread Tire pump. What do you guys use at the track? 11/17/2017 10:06 AM

Best least expensive pump I have ever used. $18.00 http://www.nashbar.com/bikes/Product2_10053_10052_128372_-1

Added reply in a thread Riding MX Solo? 11/14/2017 11:18 AM

At a practice track and this guy comes up short on a huge double. Helmet split in half, life flight, etc etc. Long story short, No one at the track knew anything about the guy. If you do go alone please take a moment and have some information about yourself ... more »

Added reply in a thread What’s in your “Moto-toolbox” ? 11/1/2017 6:37 PM

Keep an eye on Craftsman. They will run specials and you can buy a nice 189 piece tool set in a plastic "tool box" pretty cheap. It will have standard and metric sockets in 1/2, 3/8, 1/4 along with allen keys and a bunch of other things. Great box for ... more »

Added reply in a thread Supermini specs 10/19/2017 8:42 AM

My sons super mini (KTM 105) dyno'd 34 HP with a pipe, Boyesen reeds and a crap ton of porting. It runs OEM piston and crank. Runs cool and we can get 18-20 hours on a top end. Derek Harris does a great job!

Added reply in a thread Supermini specs 10/18/2017 5:22 PM

Speak the truth brother! I have a boy racing both KTM 85 and a super mini 105. No issues at all and have been great bikes for us. We have raced KTM since the 50's and never had any of the issues that people think are "common" with these bikes. Proper ... more »

Added reply in a thread Supermini specs 10/18/2017 5:12 PM

Correct, I quoted Dtat's post and my post was strictly to point out the difference in numbers of KTM/Husky vs. Kawi vs Yam. It was not intended to be a listing of ALL the brands entered (There was 1 or 2 Suzuki's as well) as well as Masterpool's TM.

Added reply in a thread Supermini specs 10/16/2017 6:36 PM

Super Mini 2 at the ranch this year 24 KTM/Huskys 14 Kawis 2 yamaha Super Mini 1 at the ranch 19 KTM/Huskys 16 Kawi 4 Yamaha The Yamaha's are not even a factor in super minis ( 0r 85 classes as well). Perhaps it will change with LeBlanc on the Star racing ... more »

Added reply in a thread Alias gear shipping 10/6/2017 10:15 AM

My company ships between 35-50 packages a day. My UPS charge to ship a 1 pound package within 500 miles of the office is $15.00

Added reply in a thread This man at Monster Cup. Top Three! 10/5/2017 10:05 AM

The owner of the shop is Levi Kilbarger, former pro.

Added a comment about video Tech Tips: Changing a Motorcycle Tire 9/30/2017 6:09 AM

I would love to see him change a 65 tire!

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Added reply in a thread race fuel in a stock bike. 8/4/2017 10:31 AM

I run it in my kids super mini. (lots of work done to it, no bump in compression though) The main reason is the pump gas is junk and inconsistent at best. We run MS-109. Jet the bike for it and ride. Top and bottom ends look amazing, no deposits or any ... more »

Added reply in a thread Racing and Tax Implications 6/22/2017 11:22 AM

I own my own business and "sponsor" my son. My company logo is on the bikes, EZ-UP and I expense a lot of the parts and entry fee's off as advertising. I also use some of my companies products and have brochures in the trailer should anybody have questions ... more »

Added reply in a thread Case needed for Hero 5? 5/17/2017 9:52 AM

Thanks guys, Ordered a super suit. Got it for free so spending a few bucks to protect it was a no brainer.....

Started new thread Case needed for Hero 5? 5/17/2017 6:58 AM

Won a Hero 5 in a raffle. I liked my Hero 2, so this will be a cool upgrade. GoPro sells a "super suit" for diving but it uses an open frame for other mounts. Is a case not needed like the older models? Did some searching and info seems scarce. Anybody ... more »

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Added reply in a thread Matthes not in the after party 5/8/2017 1:21 PM

No, but I have had a few sips of a "Monster Turkey" once... Wild Turkey and Monster, tastes as gross as it sounds...

Added reply in a thread Interesting tidbit regarding helmet cams during the Nationals... 5/6/2017 4:54 AM

DC glossed over this with no comment. Got his hand in the money drawer.... Imagine how much extra money the riders could make for themselves. Stankdog would have sold thousands of dollars at the outdoors last year alone. In other sports, NASCAR, IndyCar ... more »