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Reply to RedFlagGate..malfunction 2/1/2015 6:13 AM

I just cant see this happening at any race I would go to. Most racers would have just moved there bike back and went around it and dealt with it as racing. could these guys ever survive a rubber band start?

Reply to did i see this right on a 86 ktm 250 mx? 1/28/2015 6:32 PM

ive got my 84 yz 490 that I could use but my two new kids are taking away any chances lol. but my next to last race was at mt carol in 2012 and I got my first win at the Midwest vmx round so I tell myself at least I went out on top lol.

Reply to did i see this right on a 86 ktm 250 mx? 1/28/2015 4:42 PM

yep that's the one I saw, very tempting even though I have no money and two bikes I should fix before buying another one

New thread did i see this right on a 86 ktm 250 mx? 1/28/2015 3:10 AM

I found one for sale on craigslist and it sure looked to me like disc brake on the back but a torque arm like with a drum going to it which doesn't make any sense to me. can anyone tell me what is going on there or am I just crazy?

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Reply to would all factory bikes 1/27/2015 5:57 PM

how light would 500's be now if they had kept working on them?

Reply to How did you come up with your number for your bike? 11/13/2014 4:37 PM

first number was 216. the bike I bought had 219 for a number and the closest number available in membership at my first race was 216 so I bought a 6 at the track and put it on.

Reply to Riding after broken femur 11/13/2014 4:33 PM

i broke my femur and now have more problems because my first race back the rod wouldn't let it break and hip socket is pinched like bo Jackson.

Reply to How Cagiva WMX 500 was like 11/6/2014 7:47 PM

how many bikes do you have? it seems like a new one pops up every time

Reply to scott plastic boots from the late 70s 11/3/2014 7:12 PM

what makes these so much harder on your knees?

Reply to Your First moto win 10/22/2014 6:26 PM

mine was after ten years of racing I went to a Midwest VMX race at Mt. Carroll in Illinois in 2012. I didn't get a moto but went 2-2. It EVO B and I was my 84 YZ 490. The two other guys were on YZ 490's as well. The first moto Rory O'neil won and the ... more »

Reply to 1982 FIM World Champion Danny Laporte 10/6/2014 5:34 PM

In all seriousness, would you ever bring back an open class?

Reply to This week's Classic Steel is a look back at the 1983 Honda CR125R 10/3/2014 4:26 AM

you should have just went by on the fence racing instead of on the pipe......

Reply to What Shade of Honda Red Did You Like? 9/14/2014 8:00 PM

who cares about the color, I love the pipe.

Reply to My Favorite pictures of MX legend Jeff Emig 9/9/2014 8:44 PM

nothing better than those bottomed out pictures

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Reply to Old legends, Modern bikes 8/27/2014 4:53 PM

Pitch speed has a lot more to do with the mentality I believe. The pitchers are going all out instead of working to get a complete game. The rotation has to 5 men trying to get maybe 6 innings versus 4 man rotations averaging 8 innings a start. The pitchers ... more »

Reply to best American vs euro mudders 8/16/2014 12:03 PM

bob Hannah in 87 is a much bigger deal

New thread supertrapp exhaust 8/14/2014 5:23 PM

what exactly is the idea behind the discs?

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Reply to Is this just how 2 strokes are?? 8/13/2014 4:00 PM

explain to me the idle part. what you are on the line or warming it up?