1979 Yamaha DG kit YZ80F 12

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General Info
Model Year: 1979
Brand: Yamaha
Model: YZ
Engine Size: 80
Engine Type: 2-Stroke
Graphics: Other. Misc.: Speed n sport
Plastic: Other. Misc.: DC opaque sides
Handlebar: Renthal
Grips: Other
Clutch Lever: Other
Exhaust: Other. Misc.: all hand formed aluminum silencer offset inlet
Clutch: Other. Misc.: all new stock
Piston: Other
Air Filter: Uni
Air Intake: Boysesen
Rear Shock: Other
Tires: Dunlop
Rims: Excel
Hubs: Other
Chain: Moose
Additional Info: Too much too list, dozens of handmade aluminum,Ti, DG items nos DG arm, Nice used DG head- custom machined dome /squish area
Brand: Yamaha
Model: YZ
Engine Size: 80
Engine Type: 2-Stroke

Vital MX member rob.boucher.547 rob.boucher.547 1/18/2019 7:27 AM

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The DG swingarm was a custom made arm for Erik Kehoe, another inch longer than a standard DG gold arm, a former DG employee from back in the day had it new in a box
and sold it to me for my build

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Very nice, brings back memories. I had that bike when I was a kid. I did not have the swing arm but I did have a Factory Fox Shock and the fork caps.
Thanks for sharing

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Very cool bike! I am no Yamaha 80 expert, but curious if this is the stock frame and tank?. Also the forks? Got a build I need to do, this may just kick the starter enough!!!! Again, fabulous job to the builder!

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Stock 1979 frame modded, hand formed skid plate, beefed up engine mounts, stock 1979F tank- repainted with Speed n Sport repop graphics( really nice stuff)
Stock forks hard chromed, ground back to a .020 oversize, heavy springs, DG caps

I removed over 15 lbs of steel, by removing many of the crummy steel stock parts

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I wonder what is faster, a DG modded YZ80/RM80 or a current 65?

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As an 11 year old, I had the D (‘77). Thumbing thru the DG catalog was better than a 70’s Playboy magazine. Yours is amazing!

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