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Added reply in a thread 2013 300 XC Fresh and race ready. 2/13/2018 2:25 PM

Nice job...I have an fmf factory fatty raw pipe for this bike if your interested...very nice condition only used on MX track. Never enough pipes for the woods guys!

Added reply in a thread 17' TC250 Jetting Help 2/13/2018 1:32 PM

They also have a typo in the new article/test of the 18. It states " the only jetting change we made was to go to a bigger 55 pilot jet. But in the last page of the test where they list setup specs they have the pilot jet being a 45 not a 55, which makes ... more »

Added reply in a thread New KTM85sx delivered w/o premix... 2/13/2018 1:16 PM

KTM is an awesome company, if you think there is a problem, call a Ktm rep & get a file started, bring back to dealer & discuss with them....if they say all is ok, race the shit out of it, if it blows up within a few hrs, they will handle ... more »

Added reply in a thread What do you guys think? 2/13/2018 1:05 PM

I"m no Yamaha expert but, looks like both have aftermarket front number plates from DC plastics and the 78 has an aftermarket white bros remote shock resevoir, other than that they look pretty stock and to me that is the best way to buy them...I think ... more »

Added reply in a thread 17' TC250 Jetting Help 2/13/2018 5:20 AM

And MXA goes richer on the pilot jet.........

Added reply in a thread Real be the judge 2/7/2018 6:05 AM

Thanks BobbyM: I seen it live, I"ve watched the video many times, I just watched it again, great way to start my day! This was a great time in Moto history, Hannah going to Suzuki to finish out his career and help develop the bikes that needed ALOT of ... more »

Added reply in a thread My budget RM250 build (and how to cut out a swingarm bolt from Hell) Final pics* 2/6/2018 2:50 PM

Nice job, looks great...double check all wiring, disconnect kill switch, check stator plate bolts, make sure stator did not loosen. Spark plug wire to cap ?

Added reply in a thread Canadian 1988 Honda CR250 restorations 2/5/2018 1:30 PM

Some really nice work your doing here....

Added reply in a thread What is the best and worst bike you've owned? 2/3/2018 4:04 PM

best: 2002 yz250f... My first 4 stroke bike ever...could do no wrong on this bike, confidence builder, never broke...anything! Worst: toss up between 1987 rm 250, my first brand new bike... P.o.s.. Slow, unreliable. Weak brakes...ect. 2006 YZ 450f...MXA ... more »

Added reply in a thread 1988 RM 250 Rear Shock Question 2/3/2018 4:15 AM

While restoring my 88, I found out the 87 250 shares the most parts with the 88, not all but most. I would say the 87 shock is interchangeable....There is a guy selling an 87 roller on one of the rm facebook pages & he is in MA. May be a good option ... more »

Added reply in a thread 1993 cr 125 budget build 2/2/2018 6:44 PM

Nice job....that thing was roached!

Added reply in a thread WANTED: 47mm Showa forks from Honda CR/CRF ('06-'08 preferred) 2/2/2018 6:23 PM

Unfortunately the junk Honda air forks made these older spring forks spike in price...I bought a set of 08 crf 450 forks a few years ago, for my 13 crf 450, nite & day difference, and the 08 forks were nothing special, but way better than the air ... more »

Added reply in a thread Thought Experiment: New Life to old and notoriously slow CR125 2/2/2018 6:15 PM

You could just pick up a YZ 125 and save yourself a lot of grief ....

Added reply in a thread Possible bad crank seal? yz250 2/2/2018 5:58 PM

I would say rt side crank seal, sucking trans oil...sometimes you can smell Trans oil burning out silencer...left side crank seal usually results in lean condition... I would. Replace both crank seals, easy to do external did not mention ... more »

Added reply in a thread 1982 RM250 Winter Project 2/1/2018 5:24 AM

Keep at it, it will be nice when you are done.

Added reply in a thread wtb 2013 crf450 parts and some forsale 2/1/2018 5:16 AM

Sent you a p.m. I have the stock cam & full Oem exhaust with 1.0 hr on it....

Added reply in a thread 89 CR500 with 03 front end; 2 questions 1/31/2018 6:55 AM

Might be easier to have your 89 clamps bored to fit the newer forks...

Added reply in a thread Nice looking 91 RM250 on CL 1/31/2018 6:53 AM

Yep, 89 or 90 with 91-92 shroud graphics....looks decent from the far away photos...vintage/evo bike prices in the northeast are pretty high....the bikes are either total junk or really nice with high price tags...I like how the seller states it slips ... more »

Added reply in a thread Harley-Davidson closing Kansas City plant as motorcycle sales fall 1/30/2018 1:43 PM

I"m not a Harley guy and don't plan to be but I don"t want them to fail. Harley is an American icon, people's jobs are on the line....Harley sales have finally leveled out, after some heavy saturation. need to get lean to ride it out. Much like MX bike ... more »

Added reply in a thread DELETE 1/30/2018 10:34 AM

It's well worn & faded... Make an offer....