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Added reply in a thread Hoosier Motocross Tires 11/26/2020 5:53 AM

We are a dealer for them and have had mixed opinions from customers. Everyone loves the tire, a lot do not like how fast they wear for most. We have had some get many more hours out of the them than others. We have personally ran them and like them and ... more »

Added reply in a thread Looking for a good dealership IN NC/SC/TN/GA area to purchase a new bike. 11/18/2020 6:21 AM

I agree on Brewers Cycles, they are in Henderson and is a great place to deal with! They help a ton of riders and have an excellent sales and service dept! Also Ron Ayers in Greenville NC has a great staff to deal with as well and supports the sport ... more »

Added reply in a thread Self engaged launch assist 10/23/2020 12:14 PM

We got feedback from a customer, seems you have to keep a check on the tightness and as stated above keep it clean!!

Added reply in a thread Race Tech? 10/23/2020 11:57 AM

I emailed a question yesterday morning and got an answer back same day.

Added reply in a thread Craig on the new stat racing bike 10/21/2020 5:23 AM

He looked good on it, gotta be enjoying that power!!

Added reply in a thread Props to Jordan Jarvis 10/11/2020 10:06 AM

Congrats JJ!!

Added reply in a thread Jordan Jarvis 9/27/2020 5:39 AM

Congrats Jordan Jarvis!! Its been amazing watching you ride since 85's and then qualify for a National!!!

Added reply in a thread Mount Rushmore MX 9/8/2020 4:31 AM

RC Stew MC2 Villo

Added reply in a thread Noren 9/7/2020 5:21 AM

I have been waiting for this topic, was wondering what actually happened. I am wondering if he lost the rear brake.

Added reply in a thread Best WP revalve 9/4/2020 4:47 AM

We tried another brand piston and valving combo on our 18 FE. Sucked, put the RaceTech package in and it was much better. Son has spent most of his riding time on yamahas so he still didn't like it. Put in a set of Dal Saggio Sphere carts and loved it! ... more »

Added reply in a thread Motorhomes 9/1/2020 3:50 AM

Do lots of research, I went with a used class A diesel pusher and feel sure I made the right choice. Get as much as you can afford. There are certainly brands that are heads and shoulders above others. I wound up trading the class A for a 5th wheel toy ... more »

Added reply in a thread Authentic Cooper Webb 1 Jersey for Sale 8/26/2020 4:52 AM


Added reply in a thread Loretta Lynn's 2 - Timed Qualifying Bench Racing 8/22/2020 8:16 AM

Its on NBC Gold now!

Added reply in a thread First step to upgrading suspension? 8/17/2020 4:57 AM

The stuff is pretty good stock, what is your goal, what is your budget? If you are a weekend warrior that just rides for fun, having the correct spring rate and fresh fluids will probably be more than good enough for you. If you are a racer that is looking ... more »

Added reply in a thread Best All Gold non-o-ring chains? 8/15/2020 5:37 AM

I ran Renthal for years, switched to the EK 520 MXR 3D two years ago and have been very happy. From what I was told by the vendor this is the chain that the teams that run Vortex sprocket run in SX and MX...

Added reply in a thread Custom Graphics 8/14/2020 1:24 PM

Check out we take custom to an entire new level.... We are pit row advertisers here too!!

Added reply in a thread Surge in bike sales = Low hour deals next year? 7/31/2020 4:37 AM

I just paid $800-1000 more for a used bike than I normally would yesterday, I am out of inventory and need something to sale. Still should make decent on the resale. I can't wait for things to normalize, I am saving up and plan on scooping up as many ... more »

Added reply in a thread ACL surgery .... How long before you were ridding again ?? 7/13/2020 8:19 AM

My son had his right ACL and MCL done 4 years ago, took 6 months before doc released him. Just had the same done on the left 3 weeks ago. They are forecasting the same 6 months but said it depends on how he responds to the PT....

Added reply in a thread Mike Alessi -Hit And Run 7/10/2020 11:37 AM

That is so wrong, get well soon Mike!!

Added reply in a thread NoToil as a filter oil? 7/10/2020 5:16 AM

I been using the red, and no grease on the rim the last 4 years, on numerous bikes. Hundreds of hours with no problems. I use a generous amount of oil and squeeze out the excess. We ride in very sandy and dusty conditions and so far we have no issue ... more »