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I will be going to Pala on Sunday. #920 on a KTM. Vet track. If you need anything , stop by. Robert

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Will the clamp fit a 2019 350? Do you have a PT# Thanks

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I will be there # 122 on a white KTM in the 50 B and 40 B.

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Hi Yz25, I have 2016 KTM 450 that did the same thing to me. I replace the old battery with new one from rocky mountain atv. The negative ground cable was not mount properly to the sub frame. Now the bike fires up very fast.

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Hi Jeffro, I can get you a real good deal on a MRI of your Cervical , Thoracic, Lumbar spine. And a complete x-ray of spine. My office Mission Imaging is in SoCal (San Bernardino).PM me if i can help you.

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Hey Racerxx, what gear did your son start in?

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If the shock is still for sale. Can you text me some picture.
Robert 714 925-4340

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Is the shock still for sale? Any picture of the shock. Whats the Part # on the shock?

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How many hours are on the 2017 shock ?

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Pm sent on the rear shock.