12 Days of MXmas: ODI 259

Need bars or grips for your favorite rider? ODI can help with that.

12 Days of MXmas: ODI

It’s that time again! As we head into the holiday shopping season, some of our favorite brands are here to help out with gift ideas as you hunt for the perfect items for people on your Nice list. As a bonus, we’re also giving away all the goodies you’ll see over the 12 Days to the readers on Vital MX. How do you enter? Simply leave a comment at the bottom of each day’s page. That’s one entry (and one only) per person for day one, one for day two, etc. Yep, you have to be a member, but it’s fast and free to sign up.

ODI CFT Podium MX Handlebars ($124.95) are constructed from a seamless, double-butted 2014-T6 alloy for strength, and feature a patented “CFT” crossbar system that has a flexible crossbar with a built-in elastomer that allows the handlebar to naturally flex at a controlled rate. That gives you a great combo of strength and comfort.

The lightly knurled left slide of the bar helps with grip adhesion, but still allows the use of ODI’s Lock-On Grips. There are multiple bend options available, all with ti-colored bar clamps, crossbar connector and matching ODI graphics. Pads are available in seven color options.

These match up nicely with ODI’s V2 Lock-On MX Half-Waffle Grip ($25.95)

These are a medium diameter/medium durometer (also available in a soft compound) and combined with their lock-on capabilities, make for a simple installation and a durable grip. No glue or safety wire required. Pick from grey or pro white.

The included throttle tube comes with snap-on throttle cams to match most modern MX bikes, and the ends can be knocked out to accommodate full-wrap handguards. They’re also made in the U.S.A.

For more information on grips, bar pad colors and bends available, please visit www.odigrips.com.

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GuyB 12/13/2018 11:20 AM

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Love ODI grips on my moto and my mountain bike! I’ll have to try the bars.

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Would love to replace my pretzels I've been hacking it up with.

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So slip a C note, and you can choke on a wing ding ding a ling down your throat, Four play to me ain't shit, when she spread em I'm ready, and she can get the D*^$# if she can deal with the size, But if she can't..Parental Discretion is advised...Lol...sorry, i had to.

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Of all the gifts so far, this is what I need most. I bent my bars in a wreck. I won’t be able to afford any until after New Years. Cmon ODI!!! I need help with my arm pump!!!

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oh, yeah the older I get the faster I was..this might help some and it is a great product

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My bars bent and DD ripped my grip in the GoGo at DITD. Please, ML, I need’em!!!!!

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I got in trouble at work for looking at this VitalMX, caught by a higher-up looking at these bars... hook a Dude up for taking one for the team?

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When rode DH back in days already was big fan of ODI products, now i ride MX and still use ODI parts.

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