12 Days of MXmas: Stacyc 277

Who's up for riding sooner? You'd better have the battery charger on standby Christmas morning...if you can wait that long.

12 Days of MXmas: Stacyc

It’s that time again! As we head into the holiday shopping season, some of our favorite brands are here to help out with gift ideas as you hunt for the perfect items for people on your Nice list. As a bonus, we’re also giving away all the goodies you’ll see over the 12 Days to the readers on Vital MX. How do you enter? Simply leave a comment at the bottom of each day’s page. That’s one entry (and one only) per person for day one, one for day two, etc. Yep, you have to be a member, but it’s fast and free to sign up.

Are you ready to get your soon-to-be-ripper rolling on two wheels? The Stacyc 12” ($649) and 16” ($699) eDrive Electric Balance Bikes are just the ticket. With a low standover height, they can not only help you dial in your young rider's balance and braking strider-style, but when they're ready, they also learn throttle control well before they jump on their first 50cc bike. It's also light enough that if they do go down, it's easy to pick up, and there's no need to restart the engine.

Stacyc 12Edrive

Stacyc 16Edrive

We all know the rush, freedom and sense of accomplishment that comes with riding a motorcycle. The guys at STACYC are doing their best to make sure more kids get to live the same journey, hopefully sooner and safer than ever before!

Stacyc has also hosted several events around the country in '18, including the Roland Sands Moto Classic, Harley-Davidson 115th Anniversary, Malcolm Smith Motorsports Learn to Ride Day, and International Motorcycle Shows. Keep your eyes open for an event near you in 2019!

For more info, visit www.stacyc.com

If you're selected as the winner for this prize in the 12 Days, you can choose from either model.


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GuyB GuyB 12/6/2018 9:00 AM

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Totally through with my kids ages 4 & 6 playing video games! Help me out, please Stacyc & Vital! 🙏🏻

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Still going.... I don't know the end date for 12 days of X-MAS....

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My nephew tried my sons dirtbike and hit my truck, been scared of it ever since. This would hopefully be a stepping stone onto an ic bike

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What an awesome opportunity it is to be part of vital mx community I had to possibly receive a free gift that would make my children’s entire Christmas

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Stacyc... T-Fish... You are a big man for your willingness to help out your Moto Brothers! Best wishes... Feel free to add my name to your donation list... God knows I can make good use of it for years!

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I’ll be the first to admit I have no need or use for this, but if I’m somehow chosen as the winner, I’ll donate it to someone that does need it.

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Stacyc.... This product is awesome! Nothing else fills the gap for transitioning kids from a Strider bike to a PW50 as safely as the Stacyc. Thank you for all of the work that was done to get this product on the market,,, Great Job!

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Just bought one 16 inch for my 3 kids (Twin Boys who will be 6 on January 5th. And daughter who will be 4 April 9th.) we really could use another one (keep the fighting down)... keeping my fingers crossed!!! Thanks to Vital MX and Stacyc for this opportunity!

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